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§ What's new in the 1.7 series

A reader wanted to a summary of all the new features in the VirtualDub 1.7 series, so....

Improved file format support

Enhanced editing

More powerful filtering

Improved compatibility

Better display support

Expanded video capture capabilities

Stability, stability, stability

Build 28204 (1.7.4, stable): [September 22, 2007]
   [bugs fixed]
   * Fixed bug where frame regions were shifted instead of extended to fix key
     frame violations in direct video mode.
   * If a video filter errored out during start phase, already initialized
     filters didn't receive end calls.
   * Toggling the "show decompressed video" setting in Fast/Normal Recompress
     modes could result in a crash.
Build 28191 (1.7.3, experimental): [August 31, 2007]
   [features added]
   * Added display option for showing display debugging info.
   * Frame rate adjustment can now be entered exactly, including as a rational
   * Jobs can now be reloaded for tweaking.
   * Capture: Added several options for fine-tuning timing issues with
     DirectShow-based capture drivers.
   * D3D: Improved bicubic algorithm for ps1.1+ capable cards.
   * D3DFX: Extended annotation and semantics support -- see help for details.
   * Hex editor: Now supports drag and drop.
   [bugs fixed]
   * Audio volume dialog didn't display properly after setting volume adjustment
     to zero in script.
   * Fixed crash when attempting to use "show decompressed output" when no
     decompressor is available for the output format.
   * Added workaround for digital cameras that write incomplete u-law audio
   * Fixed crash when writing job that uses the Pinnacle DV codec.
   * Added code to prevent crash when decoding an MJPEG stream where the JPEG
     images are larger than the frame size reported in the video stream. This
     now produces an error when the internal decoder is used.
   * AVI recovery code can now recover AVI files with 'rec' grouping chunks.
   * Fixed scrambled colors in filter preview with paletted video.
   * Fixed I/O errors in rare case where an AVI file could not be opened in
     unbuffered I/O mode.
   * Implemented mode 7 compression, HAM, and Halfbrite modes in IFF ANIM reader.
   * Audio display would occasionally stop updating across certain edits.
   * Output video pane now updates itself after filters are edited.
   * Fixed minor bug where audio decompression errors would be reported as
     compression errors.
   * Fixed a case where audio displacements didn't work with compressed audio
     and full processing mode.
   * Perspective video filter now works in batch mode.
   * Added workaround for strange bit rates being shown on output AVI files in
     Windows Vista Explorer.
   * Fixed decoding of AVI files that have zero-byte frames marked as key frames
     (AVIFile turns these back into non-key frames).
   * "Sharpen" video filter no longer shows black when filter preview is first
   * D3DFX: Leaving alpha blending on in an effect no longer scrambles YCbCr
   [regressions fixed]
   * OK and Cancel behaviors on brightness/contrast video filter were swapped.
   * Fixed crash when loading 8-bit RLE videos.
   * D3D: Works again on video cards supporting less than pixel shader 3.0.
   * Added setting value back to sharpen video filter configuration dialog.
   * Fixed trippy gradient displays when trying to show a solid color for the
     dummy frame at the end (some display drivers don't handle 1x1 blits
   * Capture: Left-click start option works again.
Build 27700 (1.7.2, experimental): [May 19, 2007]
   [features added]
   * Added minor frame lines to the parameter curve editor.
   * Input driver plugin support.
   * The threshold, sharpen, and brightness/contrast filters now support preview.
   * The DV type-1 audio source can now be set to conceal errors.
   * Rendering operations can be throttled or paused.
   * Capture: Screencap driver can now capture the mouse cursor.
   [bugs fixed]
   * AVI parser now handles files with a significant amount of garbage prior to
     the first video or audio chunk.
   * Curve editor opens to current frame instead of frame 0.
   * Smart rendering didn't check the right locations in filter opacity curves
     if edits had been applied.
   * Animated GIF decoder didn't handle the "erase" and "restore" disposal modes
   * Animated GIF decoder could display a one-frame glitch at start of decoding.
   * Time-based filters and filter curves weren't reflected in output preview
     when applied to a repeating frame.
   * Fixed interlaced field DirectDraw display with planar YCbCr formats.
   * The "smart rendering" option could cause a missing codec error even if the
     video mode was set to Direct.
   * Added workaround for BlackMagic MJPEG codec not producing key frames.
   * Added workaround for update problems with the Direct3D and OpenGL display
     modes in Windows Vista.
   * Capture: Fixed crash when attempting to use "remove duplicate frames"
     feature of screencap driver on a 3D card that didn't support occlusion
   * Capture: Fixed crash in screencap driver on 3D cards that don't support
     buffer objects.
   * Capture: Fixed bugs in screencap driver's rescale function.
   [regressions fixed]
   * Fixed inaccurate length field in WAV header.
   * D3D: Fixed memory leak.
   * AMD64: MPEG video decoder now works.
Build 27021 (1.7.1, experimental): [February 6, 2007]
   [features added]
   * AVI file info now shows the FOURCC of the video stream.
   * The "display decompressed output" option can now be enabled and disabled
     in the middle of encoding.
   * Improved playback timing.
   * Added /hexview command-line flag to open a file in read-only mode.
   * Added /noStupidAntiDebugChecks for development purposes.
   * Added "warp resize" video filter.
   * The "resize" video filter now allows editing the frame height with an
     aspect ratio constraint active.
   * Ctrl+Drag in the audio display modifies the audio displacement.
   * Added an option to create several types of diagnostic test videos.
   * Added Y800 as a synonym for Y8.
   * Added support for the 4:4:4 planar YCbCr "YV24" format.
   * Added animated GIF import.
   * D3D: UYVY, YUY2, YV24, YV16, YV12, I420, and YVU9 video display is now
     accelerated in Direct3D mode.
   * D3DFX: Added additional support for field-based display shaders.
   * Capture: Added a new screen capture driver.
   * Capture: Added configurable hotkeys for stopping and starting capture.
   * Capture: DirectShow filter graph build errors are now noted in the log
   * Capture: Full-screen mode now auto-hides mouse cursor.
   * Capture: Added UI for modifying DirectShow brightness, contrast, gamma,
     sharpness, and hue settings.
   * Capture: Audio playback setting is now auto-saved.
   [bugs fixed]
   * "Export as filmstrip" command failed if no audio stream was available.
   * Filmstrips didn't resave properly as AVI (video stream type set
   * Modified the SSE check to ignore the flush-to-zero (FTZ) bit, which
     unfortunately some compiler DLL runtimes twiddle.
   * "Preserve empty frames" was writing out the empty frames as key frames.
     VirtualDub corrects this on load, but it was still incorrect on disk.
   * "Preserve empty frames" caused the video codec key frame interval to work
     incorrectly -- it counted compressed frames rather than total frames.
   * "Display decompressed output" was broken.
   * Added workaround for silent crash when using the audio display with older
     versions of Avisynth.
   * Added workaround for digital cameras that leave the last byte off of JPEG
   * Added workaround for some naughty DLLs that prevented VirtualDub's crash
     logging mechanisms from working properly.
   * Added more workarounds for overlay surface goofiness on Windows Vista.
   * Audio display now reflects timeline edits and the audio displacement
   * Made it more difficult to accidentally select frames in the audio display.
   * Fixed divide by zero crash when D3DFX display is enabled and a video pane
     is shrunken to zero width.
   * Fixed case where tiny audio chunks were emitted periodically when using
     some MP3 codecs at a 44KHz sampling rate (audio interleaving issue, not
     sync issue).
   * Fixed goofed file filters in source dialog of "create paletted AVI" option.
   * Inverse telecine could be enabled with smart rendering (which doesn't
   * Fixed "preserve empty frames" and "smart rendering" options to work better
     in the presence of a B-frame encoding delay.
   * Capture: Alt+Enter full-screen toggle left window in topmost placement.
   * Capture: Fixed sporadic crash when capturing with resync disabled.
   * Capture: Fixed tabbing in "set custom format" dialog.
   * Capture: /capfileinc and the startup code didn't increment the filename
     properly past existing files when multisegment capture was enabled.
   * Capture: Hide on Capture now works for DirectShow-based devices.
   * Capture: Added workaround for driver bug in Adaptec AVC-1400 GameBridge
     drivers that causes a crash when displaying video capture pin properties.
   * Capture: Fixed filter leak in DirectShow driver in some cases when the
     filter graph failed to build properly.
   * Capture: When the "transform filter" registry option was used, the
     transform filter popped off the capture filter after a video format change.
   [regressions fixed]
   * Fixed crash when opening AVI file with truncated MP3 audio format.
   * Fixed some audio sync errors when cutting.
   * Fixed the resize filter's settings not saving properly. This was actually
     caused by a long standing overload resolution bug in filter script with
     multiple glue functions on the same overload.
   * Fixed crash when attempting to preview with an audio stream for which no
     decompressor is available.
   * Fixed crash when using quick preview beyond end of selection.
   * Fixed a couple of cases of bogus total audio sample counts being reported
     in the dub status window.
   * Audio sync sometimes wasn't correct when cutting files with VBR audio.
   * Audio stream estimate on status window was sometimes negative.
   * Fixed crash at end of operation with IVTC enabled.
Build 25854 (1.7.0, experimental): [November 5, 2006]
   [features added]
   * New "smart rendering" feature for selective processing of video around edit
     areas while copying as many existing frames as possible.
   * New audio waveform/spectrogram display.
   * Added option for preserving empty frames during recompression or
     decompression instead of replicating frames.
   * Added option for saving raw audio stream without a header.
   * Added support for the Sony WAVE64 file format, for wave files larger than
   * Added support for reading and writing Adobe Filmstrip (.flm) files.
   * Added support for reading Maya IFF (.iff) files. Currently this is limited
     to RGB information at 8 bits/channel.
   * PNG output is now supported.
   * Resize video filter now has options for relative and aspect-ratio derived
     sizing and to save defaults.
   * Opening a video file from the command-line or drag-and-drop now sets the
     filename as default for the Save As AVI/WAV dialogs.
   * Added new pitch scaling audio filter.
   * Improved quality of "center cut" audio filter (with suggestions from
   * The main window and job control dialogs now save their positions.
   * Opacity curves can now be attached to video filter instances.
   * Volume adjustment now shows amplification factor in decibels.
   * Filter API: Preview code preserves keyboard accelerators on preview button.
   * Job control: (X of Y) is now displayed in the job control window caption
     when the job list is being processed.
   * AVI Info now shows additional information for PCM audio streams encoded
   * Capture: Added experimental option to insert arbitrary DirectShow transform
     filters into a capture graph. To enable, specify the filter moniker in
     [HKCUSoftwareFreewareVirtualDubHidden FeaturesCapDShow: Transform
     filter name] in the Registry.
   * Capture: Added full-screen toggle (Alt+Enter).
   * Capture: Added support for switching DirectShow TV tuners between antenna
     and cable modes.
   [features removed]
   * The "integral conversion" option under audio conversion is no longer
   [bugs fixed]
   * Fixed a case where the projected file size status indicator could overflow
     for very long audio dumps.
   * AVIs with MP3 audio streams where wBitsPerSample != 0 are now detected and
     auto-corrected for better compatibility with the standard MP3 codec
     installed in Windows.
   * Rewrote segmentation code to buffer data instead of attempting size
     prediction; this makes the segmentation more accurate and avoids dangling
     key frames during on-the-fly compression.
   * Added workaround for compatibility problems with Aero Glass in Windows
     Vista beta 2.
   * Audio displacement now works when processing only part of the audio stream.
   * Added warning for non-zero dwStart values in AVI files.
   * Fixed a performance problem in the PNG decoder on large images with a lot
     of IHDR blocks.
   * Fixed errors in JPEG encoding with pure red or blue colors.
   * Changed keyboard shortcut for Undo from Ctrl+U to the standard Ctrl+Z.
   * Added workaround for annoying Microsoft security update that sometimes
     prevents the help file from working.
   * Fixed clamping in amplifier that caused -0x8000 values to change to
   * Capture: Duplicate raw wave formats are no longer shown with DirectShow-
     based drivers.
   * Capture: The UI now reflects changes to audio and video sources made
     through the driver dialogs.
   * Capture: Possible fix for crash when changing formats with DirectShow-
     based devices due to a threading issue.


Comments posted:

I like your list of changes!

Do you think any of these will eventually enter the "Knowledge Base"
at: (?)

roseman - 26 09 07 - 16:54

Dunno... website needs another revamp, anyway. I'm thinking of just removing a lot of the existing, outdated pages and just making a big FAQ.

Phaeron - 27 09 07 - 01:47

Thanks for all the years of improving this darling!
Lots of praise from me!

Roger - 28 09 07 - 00:40

Thanks to Phaeron for that detailed changelog. Seems like I have to spend an evening to explore all the new features ;-)

So, "Input driver plugin API:" has made it into stable Release. Glad to hear that. Are you aware of any Developers, that are working on VD Import Filters? And to make a logical step, any plans on an "Export driver plugin API"? ;-) MPEG2, FLASH and ASF (I know that ASF was removed from VD years ago [patent issues]) would be great as Import/Export Formats.

Sorry for asking once again, but, any plans on making the VD UI multilanguage(capable)?

After all these questions, a HUGE Thanks for your effort. I would be completely lost without that "Swiss Knife" of video tools...

colebantam - 28 09 07 - 05:45

How come I can not write blacmagic codec files from inside vitual dub?

Kevin Christopher - 19 10 07 - 16:55

Best pitch shift for audio I heard so far was in Creative audio driver and it was done in software in one of the DLLs accompanying their Media Source player.

Igor (link) - 07 01 08 - 22:14

looking for shortcut key for append segment
are you going to make one or is there a hidden one

sam (link) - 02 03 08 - 12:59

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