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§ Altirra 1.8 released

Version 1.8 of Altirra, my 8-bit Atari emulator, is now available on its home page. Highlights are: 5200 support, many debugger improvements, DirectSound support, more cartridge mapper modes, R: emulation, a cheat finder, and many bug fixes. In addition, you'll also find a link on that page to Acid800, an 8-bit Atari emulator test suite. Enjoy!


Comments posted:

Aww, you're spoiling us on Christmas day!

Thanks :) Merry Christmas!

George Nakos - 24 12 10 - 10:22

Copied from the old blog..

Sergey, are you a stalker ;)

I love Bnses, like phaeron byuu wants the best emulation as opposed to horrible hacks to fake speed.

As for Fusion, I've not been to the 'inn' for a while but know Steve the author was very busy recently. On a side note, I made Steve some furniture for his house, got to see his Megadrive developer gear etc Nice guy.

Furniture making was not my main job, my bio on Atariage says more..

Mclane - 24 12 10 - 20:30

Merry Christmas from Chile. :)

NSonic - 25 12 10 - 08:24

Mostly just debugger stuff, but it also has a new "program has crashed" dialog as well as fixes for some 1.8 bugs. I did a pretty major rewrite of the memory management code, though, so some stuff may be broken. In particular, there may be some broken cartridge mappers. If you find any, let me know the mapper and I'll fix it.

Phaeron - 30 12 10 - 17:32

Thanks Phaeron

And a happy new year to you and all

Mclane - 30 12 10 - 17:50

Hi Phaeron, I'm getting weird game issues using 1M Maxflash images, several games that did work like Electrician now either crash or do not work correctly.

Mclane - 30 12 10 - 21:32

Make that Maxflash 128k as well

Mclane - 30 12 10 - 21:36

Avery, I'm very surprised you do update on December 31 when everyone celebrates the new year.
you will ever relax? :)

in any case, thanks for continuing to work on an emulator.
and I wish you all the best and the best for the coming year.

a small suggestion for improving the emulator:
Please add to the section "File" tab "attach disk" & "detach disk" - this is a very nice addition.
so much easier to insert and retrieve discs.
somehow I forgot to ask you about this before.
just very awkward to climb in the menu drive to plug the disk into the drive after the first.

very good it looks in the emulator atari 800winplus.

and, HAPPY NEW YEAR ! :)

breaker - 30 12 10 - 21:54

And looks like the right hand cart / Monkey Wrench 1 & 2 are also broken, putting on with basic as normal but black screen.

Mclane - 30 12 10 - 21:55

Paul, cartridges "Monkey Wrench 1 & 2 " - work.
Choose your OS-B and turn on BASIC.

breaker - 30 12 10 - 22:08

Avery, how to access this setting, the emulator?
you forgot to add this option in the menu emulator?

breaker - 30 12 10 - 22:57

None of the dumps I have for either Monkey Wrench 1 or 2 here boot, tested as OSB 48K, BASIC, right hand slot.

Mclane - 31 12 10 - 00:13

XEG's seem fine as do standard 8 and 16k carts.

Mclane - 31 12 10 - 00:15

Nice to see the SB and Vbxe working together...

Mclane - 31 12 10 - 00:35

Sound board is working, but the sound is bad and slow.
the best sound was at 1.8 abxe test 2.

breaker - 31 12 10 - 00:52

The soundboard is missing the right player software so we are not hearing it correctly. The new crash menu is ok but you can't seem to change os from it, I wonder / hope Phaeron will make a toggle for it so more advanced users can disable it.

Mclane - 31 12 10 - 01:17

Cheater tick now working, thank you

Mclane - 31 12 10 - 01:27

All, I figured out how to call a menu with actions for errors.
but that the case ...
I can not run the demo program "Ultra".
emulator when trying to run "ultra", gives an error.

breaker - 31 12 10 - 01:28

Diamondz (v1).xex & h3x0r_deluxe.xex
These 2 games too, refuses to run.

breaker - 31 12 10 - 01:35

hmm, it works, just have to close the dialog box "altirra error" - click on the red cross.
but, on what mistakes emulator complains?
that the emulator does not like?

breaker - 31 12 10 - 03:56

Its that crash window that seems to be the issue, if you choose debugger from it the the game works.

Mclane - 31 12 10 - 04:02

Aha, it seems the break at exe option in the debugger is inverted, its on without being ticked. Its not crashing but trying to go to the debugger...

Mclane - 31 12 10 - 04:04

I think this window is "altirra error" - not yet finalized, so not all items are selected.

Okay, enough tests today.
I went to celebrate the new year.
we have, after 50 minutes, come 2011.


breaker - 31 12 10 - 04:13

exe files are no longer listed unless you do show all supported every time.

Mclane - 31 12 10 - 04:13

Another 6hrs plus here Sergey, Happy new year to you

Mclane - 31 12 10 - 04:16

Yes, the crash window seems to be needing some attention, when loading an exe file directly the break at exe file works correctly if ticked but when it's finding an exe from an xex it wants it the other way around to work.

I still can't get Monkey Wrench to work..

Sorry Avery, you know we like to give it a good test :)

Mclane - 31 12 10 - 04:19

It wasn't actually the EXE break option that was the issue, but an extra event I had added to the simulator. Should be fixed now. I fixed the mapping problem on the MaxFlash carts, too.

I added the crash dialog as something a bit more friendly than just dumping people into the debugger. It doesn't come up if you are already in the debugger, and otherwise pressing Pause will drop it. Esc/Close also works since I bound Pause to the cancel option. Some of the options are grayed not because they aren't implemented, but because they don't apply -- for example, you don't get the option to disable BASIC if it is already disabled.

BASIC option should be working again for 800 mode, but you need the hardware mode set to 800 *AND* the OS set to OS-B.

I don't think I ever had EXE in the default file type list. Too much of an opportunity for confusion with Windows executables.

Phaeron - 31 12 10 - 11:29

Avery, I discovered the error.
for some reason does not run the game "Nuclear nick".
I went through a lot of options, but the game still will not start.
problem concerns only the "*. XEX" version.
"*. ATR" image of the game works.
here, "Heh" image of the game nuclear nick:

I also think that it would be nice to add the "ignore error"in the menu dialogue "altirra error".

What do you think about adding "attach disk" & "detach disk"?

breaker - 31 12 10 - 16:50

>Some of the options are grayed not because they aren't implemented, but because they don't apply -- for example, you don't get the option to disable BASIC if it is already disabled.

but if I try to run the game (such as "air battle") on XL \ XE machine, there is a window of dialogue "altirra error".
I know that this game should run on OS-A, means must be allocated items "change hardware" and "change firmware", but these items are not allocated.

breaker - 31 12 10 - 17:19

cartridge game "Bounty Bob Strikes Back!. rom" - refuses to run.
checked, the cartridge works fine on altirra 1.8, but it does not work on altirra 1.9 test 2.

breaker - 31 12 10 - 20:39

Bounty bob confirmed, only applies to the rom..

Sergey, I think you have break at exe run address ticked hence Nuclear nick stops, make sure ofthat because I can reproduce that here and unticking it means an xex works fine.

@Phaeron, like sergey I find it odd that I've never seen the choice to choose a different hard or OS in the crash report?

It did give me a little laugh tho, while testing Bounty Bob on cassette I got the crash report up and one of the choices was to tick accurate DISK loading :)

The actual fault was video not being PAL which it also correctly offered as a tick and worked perfectly :)

Mclane - 31 12 10 - 21:36

I take it back, have now seen both hardware and OS options after a crash that were not greyed out.

Can't remember if this has been answered or not, I noticed when booting Hacker from a full disk beit an ATR or a Pro disk that you get a corrupted screen at the logon part that carries on into the game. I've tried setting the game to accurate sector timing and every OS or Hardware mix and it still corrupts yet file and exe rips are fine.


Mclane - 01 01 11 - 01:51

Bounty Bob and Nuclear Nick fixed:

Nuclear Nick was a different issue. It relies on a particular warm restart method that wasn't supported by the program loader.

> but if I try to run the game (such as "air battle") on XL \ XE machine, there is a window of dialogue "altirra error".
> I know that this game should run on OS-A, means must be allocated items "change hardware" and "change firmware", but these items are not allocated.
> Why?

The dialog doesn't know that your program requires OS-A. It simply suggests switching to OS-B or XL/XE if you're not already using that firmware.

Phaeron - 01 01 11 - 11:01

Hi Phaeron, I don't know if you have seen the 2011 demo collection from the thread in the main Atari 8bit forum. The discs run on Picodos and suggest the xfer is high speed, does Altirra support this feature of Picodos, I though it might need Spartados x but that's a no as far as I can see.

Odd about Nuclear Nick, it ran fine here, tried a few versions, seems there must be too many versions :)

Mclane - 01 01 11 - 22:48

thanks for update :)

breaker - 02 01 11 - 00:57

option "change firmware" and "change hardware" - does not work.
I tried to run in a mode of 5200 cartridges for Atari 800, but the option "change hardware" and has not appeared.

breaker - 02 01 11 - 02:26

Avery, I know, you might say that the emulator does not know which version of "hardware" and "firmware" should be selected.
but then why do we need these options if they do not by any sense.
or these items are not completed yet?

breaker - 02 01 11 - 03:13

Sergey, Phaeron explained this about 11 posts above this one, its not meant to be a perfect fix after a crash, its simply a nicer way to give a new user some form of hint on to how to try and get what they are trying to run to work.

He has no way to check on the fly as if the program needs PAL or NTSC, OSB or OSA, 800 or XL, patched SIO or not, he simply offers them as a choice, sort of like a like a help file that says try this, did it work, no, then try this etc etc.

Mclane - 02 01 11 - 22:18

Paul the matter is that I how many did not try to cause an error, I and did not manage to receive allocated point "change hardware".
And point "change firmware" allocated I saw only once.
Can be better to make all points allocated that I could choose that is necessary for me.

all errors is impossible to foresee, so it's best to leave choice to the user.

breaker - 02 01 11 - 22:44

But Sergey, its not for you, its for a complete beginner, giving every option would be even more confusing. I'm not over keen on it myself but I have to remember its not for me, I have all the various configurations programmed in as mouse gestures via strokeit so I just hold the right button and move right to reset, move left to open and find a game, move up for XL, down for 800B and so on.

Yes, I'm lazy :)

Using the POST WM_Command is really handy for lots of things :)

Mclane - 03 01 11 - 02:14

neoplay updated.
on altirra 1.9 test 3 sounds great, excellent sound.


Avery, Paul, you can not tell where to get the Sparta dosX SDX4.43 ?

breaker - 03 01 11 - 17:12

I'm not aware there was a 4.23?

Mclane - 03 01 11 - 21:46

Hold on..43???

SDX seems to stop at 22..

Mclane - 03 01 11 - 21:47

I've got conflicting roms, some numbered 4.22 and some marked as 442..Either way none are 443

Mclane - 03 01 11 - 21:49

Sergey, here you go, its a fan fixed item..

Mclane - 03 01 11 - 21:53

Take that all back...Can't find it.....

Mclane - 03 01 11 - 23:05

happy happy new year to you all :).

Phaeron thnx for the quike beta updates i like altirra :).

marcokitt2000 - 05 01 11 - 01:32

Avery, I want to ask why the games do not work for VBXE save (quick save - quick load)?
I tried to beat the game jet set willy vbxe using conservation, but conservation is not loaded.

and can add hot-keys to the quick save - quick load?
very difficult to play without saves in such games as "space dungeon" and "lord of the orb".

please !

breaker - 06 01 11 - 02:55

Phaeron, I see that Atari++ 1.59 is now out making some strong claims about pokey emulation bit I'm under the notion that Pokey emulation is one area where emulation is pretty off. Is what he is doing already part of the emulation quality of Altirra.

The thread is on AtariAge just incase..

Mclane - 07 01 11 - 02:00

@sergey, in the 1.9 beta Avery rewrote the memory management, I'm just wondering if it may and I just say may have to do with possible implementation of proper save states at some point.

I'm most likely WAY off but I can dream :)

Mclane - 07 01 11 - 02:02

When I say way off I mean I'm most likely wrong just in case the translation makes it sound like its coming but not for ages.

Mclane - 07 01 11 - 02:03

Ah, Paul I hope that you are right.
Most of all in emulator Altirra I wait Save states.
I wait and ask since summer 2009.
I hope that sometime my dream will come true.

breaker - 07 01 11 - 14:28

> Phaeron, I see that Atari++ 1.59 is now out making some strong claims about pokey emulation bit I'm under the notion that Pokey emulation is one area where emulation is pretty off. Is what he is doing already part of the emulation quality of Altirra.

Altirra has emulated POKEY at cycle level for some time. So far, I do not know of any cases where Atari++ has an advantage in POKEY emulation accuracy. I didn't see thor make any comparisons to other emulators, though, so within the context of Atari++ itself it likely is a big upgrade.

I did run the latest version of Acid800 on Atari++ 1.59, and it still fails a number of my POKEY tests. With -cycleprecise true, it does pass one additional test over 1.58, the 1.79MHz granularity test. This is a major improvement, and AFAIK, Atari800 still doesn't pass this test. However, I just tried the Cup Of Tea demo, and the pitch is still off, indicating issues with IRQ timing. Atari++ also still doesn't appear to support clock phase adjustment through initialization mode, so Project M 2.0 doesn't work.

Still can't stand the interface, though.

> @sergey, in the 1.9 beta Avery rewrote the memory management, I'm just wondering if it may and I just say may have to do with possible implementation of proper save states at some point.

No. The memory management rewrite was to enable more debugging features and to make it easier to add device support. I've already commented on save state support and I don't have anything new on it at the moment.

Phaeron - 07 01 11 - 17:24

but that hinders make save states?
since the quality of emulation altirra very high, I'm very hard to find any mistakes.

One more question, can I make a saving screenshots of real size?
For example, I stretch the window to a size of 640x480 emulator, but when I save a screenshot, it becomes 336x240.
whether it is possible to make a second version of the conservation of the screenshots in the size of the window?

breaker - 07 01 11 - 18:21

Thanks for the Pokey breakdown, is it purely lack of documentation that hinders pokey completeness?

As regarding the save state / memory comments by me, I want you to understand it was just a guess that was wrong on my part and not a hint, I don't do that sort of thing and moan at Sergey for doing it.

End of that subject...

Mclane - 07 01 11 - 20:59

So, I checked more than 1000 images of cassettes for Atari.
I can say that the compatibility of the emulator altirra excellent.
only a few tapes are not loaded on the emulator.
I post the archive of the most problematic tapes.

Note, the files marked with an simbols (nw) in the title game, I could not load on any emulator atari.
but it may be the case in inaccurate emulation, who knows.

all other files are loaded on the emulator Atari 800 winplus 4.0, but do not work on altirra.


You can also see the archive folder "multi-game".
This folder contains several images of cassettes on which is located a few games.
Avery, then you need to add the button "play".
in these cassettes is loaded only the first game, I can not load the next game because there is no button "play".

breaker - 08 01 11 - 01:29

oops, forgot to remove from the archive of the game "Tail of Beta Lyrae, The (1985) (Databyte) (GB) (nw) ".
this game, I still was able to loading on the altirra.

breaker - 08 01 11 - 01:34

The first few I listened to were bad dumps, Alley Cat starts spouting rubbish before the end of the load and Basil just isn't right.

Mclane - 08 01 11 - 01:57

The rest may be unsupported baud rates, I 'seem' to remember Phaeron saying about this or something similar a long time ago.

Mclane - 08 01 11 - 02:05

it will be easier to put a list.

work on Atari 800winpus, but not work on Altirra:

Blinky's Scary School (1990)(Zeppelin Games)(GB)
Captain Cosmo (1982)(Nexa Corp.)
Comet Game (The)
Cops'n Robbers
Dropzone (1984)(U.S. Gold)[h Hacki]
Escape from Doomworld (1990)(Byte Back)(GB)
Ghostbusters (2)
Green Beret =====(disable sio-patch)
Last V8 (The)
Ruff and Reddy in the Space Adventure
Speed Ace (1987)(Zeppelin Games)(GB)
Top Secret
Yogi's Great Escape

breaker - 08 01 11 - 02:22

What is the problem with the game "Ghostbusters"?
I even tried to convert various "xex" files of this game is in "cas", but the obtained result is still not loaded on altirra.

breaker - 08 01 11 - 02:25

I'm betting a failed protection check on Ghostbusters based on audio rates or maybe turning the motor off or some such??

But then again I'm not the one with the brains :)

Mclane - 08 01 11 - 03:23

Phaeron thank you for the beta 4 :)

marcokitt2000 - 09 01 11 - 12:39

Keep up Marco :)

Mclane - 09 01 11 - 18:48

Thanks for the update.
but an error with the tapes you have not tried to fix ?

breaker - 10 01 11 - 04:18

breaker, 1000 images of cassettes for Atari.?????? Where?????????

nsonic - 10 01 11 - 04:43

to be precise - 2572.
nsonic, you can take these images here:

breaker - 10 01 11 - 04:55

and another 36 images that I had offered above.
with altirra experiencing problems.

breaker - 10 01 11 - 05:03

@Mclane - yes indeed phaeron is fast with new beta's :)

marcokitt2000 - 10 01 11 - 08:25

Breaker many but thank you very much.
This is golden.
Now require that the cassette tape emulator and all happy. XD

nsonic - 10 01 11 - 08:58

Amazing. Thank you breaker.

artifex - 11 01 11 - 02:37

Avery, I discovered the error.
Cartridges "Bomb Jake" and "Yie Another Kung-Fu" refuse to run on altirra 1.9 test 5.
checked on altirra 1.8 - work.

breaker - 11 01 11 - 17:50

wondering what's new?

breaker - 11 01 11 - 18:41

amiga mouse behaves just awful.
crawls across the screen as he wants.
how to configure the mouse?

breaker - 11 01 11 - 19:04

Avery, you can add a configuration option "mouse sensitivity" ?

breaker - 11 01 11 - 19:24

Breaker, that version is more about the support of the CX85 numeric pad.

Mclane - 11 01 11 - 19:40

@Breaker, I've not played with the mouse yet but if you set the mouse axis to relative you can adjust the sensitivity

Mclane - 11 01 11 - 19:46

anyway "amiga mouse" twitches at random and poorly responsive to movement.
I put in the archives of videos from the game "klony2010" and the configuration file.
What's wrong?

breaker - 11 01 11 - 20:05

Using Klony2010

Used SELECT to choose Amiga Mouse Port 2

In INPUT mapping selected new device, Amiga Mouse, mapped to port two

Source was mouse move horiz and mouse move vert

Set to Relative on both with sensitivity of 9 on both..

No twitch, works great..

Mclane - 11 01 11 - 21:54

Meant to say new controller, not device, apart from setting it to Amiga mouse port two in the game that's all you need do software wise, everything else is in the Input mappings of Altirra

I have a feeling you had not set Klony to use the mouse?

Mclane - 11 01 11 - 21:57

everything works.
I just did not think to turn a mouse into the second port.
Because of this, and there have been mistakes.
Thanks for the tip, Paul.

breaker - 12 01 11 - 15:43

Corina cartridges should work better again, and I made the artifacting phase adjustment work properly in NTSC high mode too.

Phaeron - 12 01 11 - 18:33

Thanks for the update Avery.
I would like to still see the "PAL artifacting (high)", you can do it?
I prefer to play in PAL.

breaker - 12 01 11 - 18:50

My pleasure to help Sergey, we all need help some time..

Mclane - 13 01 11 - 00:52

This version now allows separate color settings for NTSC and PAL, and has an option to emulate some PAL encoding quirks.

High PAL artifacting is harder than NTSC because pixels aren't aligned to the color subcarrier.

Phaeron - 15 01 11 - 14:42

Avery, I am very grateful to you, thanks for the excellent work.
looks pretty good. :)

can I ask for?
Please add to the section "File" tab "attach disk" & "detach disk" - this is a very nice addition.
so much easier to insert and retrieve discs.
Believe me, it's not complicated, the simple addition.
but it will save users time emulator and facilitate access to the disks.

and once again thank you for your work and I hope my prayers will be heard.

breaker - 15 01 11 - 16:04

@Phaeron, thanks for the new additions, as always one step in front!

@Sergey, remember the repeat asking rules :)

Also, if its not complicated why have you not written it yourself :)

Mclane - 15 01 11 - 21:12

First shot at PAL high artifacting:

It is not optimized yet, so it runs slowly, but the basic method is there. Starting hue is not controllable. The main issue with this method is dot patterns on sharp color edges; this is related to per-line chroma V inversion. Not sure how to solve this yet.

Phaeron - 16 01 11 - 14:57

I'm just happy and pleased as a child.
Avery is a very good addition, I do not even know how to express to you my gratitude.

Ideally, of course, I would still like to see the filter blarg as the emulator Stella.
phosphorous glow and mesh on the screen in stella - it's just great.

but your method looks very good.
look forward to continuing.
thank Avery for his excellent work. :)

breaker - 16 01 11 - 16:27

Like the new artifacting, looks sweet, getting the odd sound crackle here and there but as you say it's not optimised.

Mclane - 16 01 11 - 20:00

That's great!

galu - 17 01 11 - 00:34

Phaeron, 2 things...

Meant to post before re this but forgot, sometimes upon starting the emulator it goes to the crash screen instantly, I can't remember if it did it before the crash screen implementation.

I thought it might have been trying to run a previous atr that's been moved but its not.

2nd thing...

Drol that's been dl hacked to colour, on NTSC part of the initial title page music plays wrongly after about 5 secs, its fine in PAL. I tried the same test under Atari800 win and it played ok in PAL and NTSC. Just wondering if that's the way it should be or a possible issue, I'm leaning towards an issue as I recall any NTSC users complaining about it?

Mclane - 18 01 11 - 02:04

One last thing, I began noticing a few pops and clicks with this new beta on the initial startup for from being ran. I adjusted the latency but it still did it, if I reset the emulator then the pops go. it seems from the audio debug screen that it drops 4 frames when first ran no matter if its playing something or not got anything in the drive, adjusting latency does not affect it and this is without the new pal high artifacting on which is when I first noticed the clicks and thought it was that causing it.

That isn't the case and I don't remember these clicks before?

Mclane - 18 01 11 - 02:17

I know the emulator used to take time to settle as you would hear the music go out of tune but I don't remember the clicks then?

Mclane - 18 01 11 - 02:18

Optimized version of PAL high artifacting:

Drol is probably an issue with inter-channel timing, where two channels are occasionally canceling each other out. Hard to say until I run it on a real Atari and check the POKEY register timing.

I've tried to eliminate the init clicking but haven't tracked down all the causes of it yet. Usually it's caused by a short burst of uninited data going through.

Phaeron - 22 01 11 - 16:33

Avery, I got an idea, the emulator can even closer to a real Atari.
For example you can do Sound artifacting.
add a couple of options on the menu sound:
1) noise (hiss) adjustable value.
2) artifacting - various clicks, crackle, sound rubbish - also adjustable value.
in this case, the sound will be more approximate to what we hear from the speakers.
What do you think about this idea?

breaker - 22 01 11 - 16:57

Thanks for the update Avery, best of luck with the clicking.

Sergey, part of me likes the idea but I don't remember it as being valid, if the rf modulator was out of sync you normally just got a bad picture and a badly distorted audio, the wish to recreate that sounds a bit weird :)

When the RF was in sync you did tend to get video noise depending on the cable etc but the audio (from memory) was normally pretty good and unaffected?

Like I said, just my thoughts, its all down to Avery and what he wants to spend his time on.

Mclane - 22 01 11 - 20:30

Paul, I only offer the next variant of development of the emulator.
do it or not it - decides to let the author.

I remember in one of the older versions, it seems 1.6 test xx, was slightly distorted sound, and then proposed a scheme with the option of "sound filter" and we liked it and you - Paul and me.
If Avery will make "sound artifacting" - need for an option "sound filter" will disappear.
So even it will be even better.

breaker - 22 01 11 - 22:16

Minor note Avery, the beta ten is marked up as dev beta in the title bar...

Not important, just for those that keep track of individual beta's.

Mclane - 22 01 11 - 23:51

Avery don't think I've asked this before, do you know of a program to capture WM_Command mouse of key presses apart from Girder?

Trying to capture stuff from Winaue, I was given some codes I could use by one of the guys who does the strokeit program that I can POST via strokeit that work fine but I can't seem to recreate how he got them and he's said abut a hidden window which I know about but still do not capture what he does via Girder.

If any of that makes sense?

Mclane - 23 01 11 - 00:42

The reason I want to capture them is that I use the post command to turn them into mouse gestures

Mclane - 23 01 11 - 01:49

The CPU utilisation with "PAL Artifacting (High)" enabled is now pretty low. Thanks again.
Will (in the future) "Use PAL Quirks" setting and "Hue start" control be utilized in "PAL Artifaction (High)" mode?

galu - 23 01 11 - 02:20

I checked Drol, and haven't seen anything unusual so far. Need to try it on real hardware next.

About noise, the main issue with trying to emulate it is that no two noises are alike. Every single noise has a source and a special characteristic. If it's truly random noise, the spectrum of the noise can vary, whether it be uniform, 1/f, etc. More often, the noise isn't actually random and is a result of distortion or interference along an analog path, such as luma/chroma crosstalk or the analog video path picking up bus signals. There's no way I could do "sound artifacting" at the moment because that isn't a sufficient description of the kind of noise to emulate. The reason I could do video artifacting is because the processes for modulating and demodulating composite video signals are well known and defined. Non-linear effects in the Atari sound output path aren't.

> Minor note Avery, the beta ten is marked up as dev beta in the title bar...

Weird. Wonder why that happened.

> Avery don't think I've asked this before, do you know of a program to capture WM_Command mouse of key presses apart from Girder?

WM_COMMAND doesn't correspond to key presses. It corresponds to events sent by a menu option or by buttons on a dialog, and it's those that map the key presses. If you have a retail version of Visual Studio, you can use its Spy++ utility to check the WM_COMMAND messages as they are sent and processed. Otherwise, your next best bet is to use a Win32 executable resource editor; the ID of the menu item or the button control is what gets sent as the wParam field of the WM_COMMAND message. Sending such a message should produce the same effect. However, it's possible that the application may malfunction if you send a command message that is normally impossible, such as when the window is disabled due to a popup.

> Will (in the future) "Use PAL Quirks" setting and "Hue start" control be utilized in "PAL Artifaction (High)" mode?

The PAL Quirks option doesn't function with PAL high artifacting because it's always enabled -- the PAL encoding characteristics that are emulated by quirks are a required part of the high artifacting algorithm. That option controls whether the palette color generator takes into account oddities in the PAL GTIA's phase output and adjacent scanline averaging, and the high artifacting engine always does that.

I should be able to hook up the hue start option again. It looked at one point that it wasn't viable since the algorithm would depend on the ideal value, but I think the front half is now back to just generating chroma vectors the same way as usual. Note that when PAL quirks are being emulated, this value doesn't work as smoothly as in non-quirk mode anyway since the specifics of PAL generation cause weird effects in the way the final colors are produced. This effect shows up as distinct color bands that you can't cross smoothly no matter how much you tweak the color settings. This has to do with an inverter in the PAL chroma generation path that is independent of the delay line.

Phaeron - 23 01 11 - 13:01

System | Audio | Audio Monitor now enables an on-screen display of the four POKEY audio channels. Also, Tools | Disk Explorer lets you drag files in and out of disk images. A few caveats on the Disk Explorer, currently: it may act badly if you give it a disk that isn't DOS 2 or SpartaDOS format, it shouldn't be used on disk images that are currently mounted, and be careful when modify disk images as there are probably still bugs in the write support.

I tried all of the versions of Drol on a real Atari, and couldn't find any discrepancies. The staccato portions seem to actually be part of the game music.

Phaeron - 23 01 11 - 19:07

At me it has not turned out to pull out any file from images of disks.
Checked on disks from "Homesoft".
seen as a file is dragged, but in the folder it does not appear.

Avery, since you raised the sound, you can add audio recording to Wav file?

breaker - 23 01 11 - 20:08

and thanks for update :)

breaker - 23 01 11 - 20:09

I may be wrong but the homesofts I looked at were basically multiboots which are just sectors as opposed to files ie the loader points to start and end sector and performs the load unlike DOS which loads via lists of files.

Mclane - 23 01 11 - 21:13

well, I understood.
utility "disk explorer" open the disc that were created in the emulator.
why other drives should not be opened?
disks are defined incorrectly and the file size too.

breaker - 23 01 11 - 21:25

Aha I see what you mean but it might be a weird DOS...One for the Master to answer...

I thought you were looking only at the multiboot types..

@Phaeron, the Drol problem still happens for me but its very random, the one thing I have yet to see is if it's interference from my Anti Virus guard, silly of me as it should have been the first thought....

Mclane - 23 01 11 - 22:27

@Phaeron, managed to find a spy++ version 8 on a blog, so far found all the WM_Commands that I knew of already but when I check out WinUAE and the command I was given for that which was to post to a window called Useless with the W param o0x9C4A which happily works via Strokeit but I can't find its reference when searching via Spy++ and doing the reset manually in Winuae.

In fact i didn't see any WM_Commands being used by that window full stop...

I give up :) Thanks for the pointers tho, it was appreciated...Just me trying to learn something :)

Mclane - 24 01 11 - 02:53

I managed to even mess that post up!!

the code was 0x9c53

Mclane - 24 01 11 - 03:04

Used the resource ed and found the control WM_Command codes I need, still can't work out why I don't see them like I do in Altirra but that's life...Ta muchly Avery, a kind gent as always...

Mclane - 24 01 11 - 03:31

Turns out the double density disks are MyDOS format, which are subtly different from DOS 2.0/2.5... I've hacked in enough support into the Disk Explorer to open them read-only.

This version also has emulation accuracy updates for CPU bugs and interrupt accuracy tweaks. It now emulates the 6502 BRK bug, and also the blocked NMI bug when enabled in CPU options, which means that it now passes all Acid800 tests. I plan to attack the ANTIC HSCROL bug next.

Phaeron - 26 01 11 - 20:09

excellent work, Avey.
discs from Homesoft and some other open and operate in the utility disk explorer fine.
but for some reason, now is not working "drag and drop" for the utility disk explorer.
I also can not open these drives as:
alley cat
B.C. Quest for tires
and some others.

breaker - 26 01 11 - 20:54

Alley cat seems to be a boot disk, it looks like someone dumped sectors onto the disk that was previously a DOS disk?

That's a 2 second look with DIS6502

Mclane - 27 01 11 - 00:39

The other 2 are boot disks as well...

Mclane - 27 01 11 - 00:46

Avery, I wish to ask you about emulator updating.
Please, for me it is very important.
Add in the emulator mappers cartridges which I spread here.
These are cartridges with loader Turbo 2000.
Within the next few days I will have records wav cassetes with games using turbo 2000.

cartridges of 2 and 4 kb in altirra not supported.
also in the archive is a turbo loader 2000 in the form *. xex file.

breaker - 27 01 11 - 20:27

this archive.

breaker - 27 01 11 - 20:29

how to loaded games from the boot Turbo 2000.
me was explained this way:

1) load the file "T2000 loader.xex"
2) Open the cassette.
3) Hit any key.
4) starts loading cassettes during the boot tapes appear on the screen of the band.
5) appears first title with the name tapes.
6) will have to again press any key.
7) wait for the download and play.

the game uses a turbo loader 2000:

breaker - 27 01 11 - 20:52

I managed to find hack of emulator Atari800win.
This emulator is called Atari800win 2.0.3 turbed.
In it it is possible to load a toy arkanoid from a turbo the loader which I spread above.
Also in archive there are emulator source codes.
Avery, have a look, can to you it will be possible to make too most.
Please, I very much hope for you.

breaker - 28 01 11 - 02:35

@Phaeron, probably a silly question.

Why is the blocked nmi thing an option if its needed to pass the Acid test?

Mclane - 28 01 11 - 21:15

As I've said before, this requires a major rewrite of the cassette code. I don't use source code from other emulators, so don't bother posting it.

The main reason is that pretty much everything has to be right for the blocked NMI to occur: it has to occur at an exact cycle, and any change in instruction timing or IRQ timing from POKEY can shift it. That wouldn't be so bad except that if an NMI is blocked incorrectly it's usually fatal, because DLIs collide. As such, it's an option both for diagnostic purposes and as an escape hatch if something goes wrong. Acid800 only tests a few specific timing patterns; I have a visual test that has a lot more timing offsets, and it was very difficult to get everything to line up on that test.

Phaeron - 28 01 11 - 22:54

Phaeron, you can just look at the source and learn how to make a load cassettes.
I did not ask you to use someone else's code.

acid test gives strange results.
I watched the acid test 5200 on the version of the emulator 1.8.
the result was 37 pass and 2 failed.
turn on the acid test 5200 for altirra 1.9 test 12 and see the result:
36 pass and 3 failed.
how to explain it?

breaker - 28 01 11 - 23:30

@Phaeron, thanks for that, it just seemed odd that an item that aids correct emulation was an option, looked strange. Now that you explained it, perfect sense and I'll now untick it :)

@Sergey, I think you'll find that Phaeron has a fair idea of what needs done but its more hassle at the moment than needed. Also apart from issues with code practice most emu writers prefer to code for themselves so it fits in with their modules. There's also the aspect of 'doing it yourself' which is a part of it.

Put it another way, if Phaeron had based his code upon Atari800 win in the first place it would be nowhere near as good as his own generated code is.

I understand your idea but lets leave our master to do it his way...

Mclane - 28 01 11 - 23:46

well, Paul, I understood everything.
I'll wait, this is the most anticipated by me thing.
In those years when I was 12 years old games to loading it from the tape, so they have cause me so much joy and nostalgia.
In those years nearly all the games that we downloaded at Atari were recorded with a loader Turbo 2000.
I am just very excited.

Paul, Avery, do not go out for a long time, I'll be adding a large archive of digitization programs.

breaker - 29 01 11 - 00:14

Odd, I've never heard of it myself and its fair to say I had a VERY indepth knowledge of the scene at the time. Things like 'The Pill', Lazer (a happy drive rip off) and various other little devices I'm well aware of but not that loader.

Mind you, most of the sceners I knew moved on as soon as possible from tape to disk drives.

Mclane - 29 01 11 - 01:14

Apparently the whole point is that 20 years ago, Atari and games to him we received in the USSR from the Poles.
it was invented in Poland this loading.

I post here the archive contains 41 records with a turbo loader.
the majority of records withdrawn from real tapes.

breaker - 29 01 11 - 01:45

Phaeron, any idea why this demo fails?

Seems to suggest bad op code?

Mclane - 29 01 11 - 01:57

Sorry about the double post.

Ah, I wondered why I had not heard of it, Polish made...

Mclane - 29 01 11 - 01:59

@Phaeron, File explorer does not allow dragging to Directory Opus window..

Not an issue really, just letting you know incase its an easy fix?

Mclane - 29 01 11 - 02:38

There was a bug in the decoder for the $9F opcode... fixed:

I'll have to look at the Directory Opus issue... probably another drag and drop bug on my end.

Phaeron - 29 01 11 - 11:03

Another update... I figured out what was going wrong with Directory Opus. This version fixes that (and a regression in DOS 2 writes):

I ended up having to put in a seek call to reset the stream to position 0 before handing it off to DOpus. That's different than Explorer, which hands back streams at pos=len and handles this in return, and I think it's a bug as the docs for IDataObject::GetData() mention that the valid data region is from 0 to current position. Explorer doesn't seem to mind the stream starting at 0, but I need to do some extra tests with the zip handler.

Missed this earlier:
> I watched the acid test 5200 on the version of the emulator 1.8.
> the result was 37 pass and 2 failed.

I think there were some bugs in Acid5200 v0.8 -- there were some tests I added on the Acid800 test that broke on the Acid5200 side. They'll be fixed in v0.9.

Phaeron - 29 01 11 - 19:17

Phaeron, thanks for both updates, both hugely appreciated.

1 step closer to perfection :)

Mclane - 30 01 11 - 00:00

thanks for update Avery :)

breaker - 30 01 11 - 03:00

Phaeron thnx for the update.

what is changed ?

marcokitt2000 - 02 02 11 - 06:41

res\changes.txt in source archive

[features added]
* Serial: Inbound connections are now supported.
* Serial: Added support for A, L, M, P, Q, S, T, V, X, &C, &D, &F, &G, &P, &T, &V, and &W modem commands.
* Serial: Added DTR and CRX signal support.

[bugs fixed]
* GTIA: Fixed trigger state sometimes being initially wrong when enabling latching.
* Serial: Telnet emulation now reads out of band data.
* Serial: Telnet emulation now handles incoming WILL and WONT commands.
* Serial: Fixed sporadic missing newlines on modem status messages.
* Serial: Control line state is now reported in non-concurrent mode.

artifex - 02 02 11 - 19:28

...Or you could just look at Help | Changelog.

Working with someone to try to get inbound R: connections working.

Phaeron - 02 02 11 - 19:37

Well here, means not only I check updatings.
And I still have downloaded yesterday the new version, but to publish it anywhere did not become.
Has specially kept silent

breaker - 03 02 11 - 03:08

Avery, this maxiflash cartridge does not work in altirra.
checked, the cartridge works fine in atari 800winplus 4.0.

breaker - 03 02 11 - 03:30

Thanks for the info :)

marcokitt2000 - 03 02 11 - 03:31

Not much new besides serial stuff, but it does now support two cartridges, and I put in some bug fixes for writing to SpartaDOS X disks in the Disk Explorer. I still don't recommend writing to anything but throwaway disk images, but it's handy to get stuff into SDX (which doesn't support H:).

The M.U.L.E. image is a bit sketchy. The reason that it has problems has to do with the way that that game boots, which is that it invokes a warm start. Unfortunately, the cartridge is badly made in that it disables itself if it sees OPTION held down, but you also need that key held down in order to disable the built-in BASIC. The result is that the timing for pressing the Option key is tight: you need it held down right when the computer resets, but it has to be released before the RAM test and ROM checksum completes and the cartridge boots. If you hold it too long, the cartridge is bypassed too and you land in the self-test. You can see this behavior in Atari800WinPLus if you uncheck the Disable BASIC flag. The reason this doesn't work in Altirra is that it disables the auto-Option-to-disable-BASIC code when AtariMax cartridges are used, due to the Option key conflict. As a result, you have to disable BASIC manually and the timing for it is really tight. You pretty much need Fast Boot off to pull it off.

tl/dr: Poor cartridge port.

Phaeron - 03 02 11 - 20:21

Avery, I had a few questions.
just please do not get angry.
I understand you want to make an emulator as accurate as possible and close to the real Atari.
but why not make an exception for certain things.
such as loading maxiflash cartridge "MULE" so as to atari 800winpus.
most users simply will not understand the problem and write the cartridge in the emulator altirra does not work.

what does "Secondary cartridge"?
so called "Right slot cartridge"?

breaker - 03 02 11 - 20:39

Good luck sergey but most emulator writers HATE hacks, also once you ask for this are you then going to ask for things like Bomb jack to be made to work and then every other item there after that does not work on the real thing to work?

Personally I think we should just keep on finding bugs where games etc should work and let Avery fix those rather than spend time on stuff that does not work properly anyway.

Mclane - 03 02 11 - 21:36

Phaeron, the second cart is so that you can have Sparta and something?

Would it allow 'The Pill' type cart dumps?

Don't worry, there's no need for it and I'm not asking for it but did wonder.

Mind you, was a software dump of a Pill cart ever done or created?

Mclane - 04 02 11 - 01:06

Btw, I can get that Mule cart booting every time by holding SELECT + OPTION and resetting the cart

Mclane - 04 02 11 - 01:48

Bug time, the demo Veronika fails to load the last part, quite quick to get to by skipping parts with the space bar. Works on Plus.

Mclane - 04 02 11 - 04:10

Paul, I just checked the demo veronica on an emulator altirra 1.9 test 16.
no errors noted.
all parts of the demo loaded and running.

just in case I spread here your configuration file and image demo veronica.

breaker - 04 02 11 - 14:33

Regarding the MULE cartridge, it may be possible to fix it but I'd need to study the problem further. It's very tricky to determine when the Option key needs to be released, and what works for one game may not work on another. This is the same kind of issue that broke Commando before and previously broke some other AtariMax carts before I added the special disable for that cart mode. It's not an issue of fixing this particular cart as that's easy, but rather finding something that works for the others as well.

As for hacks, Mclane is right. The main problem with doing game specific hacks is that it never works for anything new, so it's a perpetual treadmill.

The dual cartridge support is indeed for stacking carts on top of SpartaDOS X -- specifically, the BASIC XE cart. It should also work for left+right cart configurations in an 800. You can also put two carts together that overlap and don't work properly, but obviously this should be avoided.

The Pill cartridge has no ROM on it at all -- it's just a RAM cart with a write protect switch on it. There's no point in emulating it as you can just load the dump image as a cart. See:

Phaeron - 04 02 11 - 15:53

Avery, thanks for the clarification and your work on the emulator.

I would also like to ask.
you can add to the emulator support cartridge "Turbo 2000.ROM"?
then it will prove useful.

breaker - 04 02 11 - 16:07

breaker, as I've told you before, turbo cassettes require a rewrite of the cassette code.

Phaeron - 04 02 11 - 16:18

I gave a link to these cartridges above:

breaker - 04 02 11 - 16:28

Yes I know, but I did not ask to rewrite a cassette player.
I am asking for support mappers cartridge "turbo2000.rom".
This cartridge contains only the boot turbo 2000.
in altirra cartridges are not supported by the size of 2 and 4 kb.

I gave a link to these cartridges above:

breaker - 04 02 11 - 16:29

oh, sorry.
I repeated the message.

breaker - 04 02 11 - 16:30

Hi Sergey, my image was fine but I must have been half asleep, for some reason I had kept OSB in XL mode which makes the last part crash...No idea why I did that but thanks to your ini I saw the difference while reading it.

Apologies Phaeron, too much staring at a monitor for one day..

Mclane - 04 02 11 - 19:11

Paul, Avery, I want to ask about the game.
I can not remember the name of the game.
space ship shooting aliens.
ship consists of three parts and the loss of life begins to be used over the lower part of ship.
how this game called?

breaker - 05 02 11 - 18:28

Sounds like Space Eggs to me

Mclane - 05 02 11 - 22:36

to the point!
thanks Paul :)

breaker - 06 02 11 - 02:26

A pleasure....Loved that game, a total clone of the arcade game moon cresta...

Mclane - 06 02 11 - 03:03

Just a small bug / feature..When you go from registry mode to portable mode you lose all your custom video colour settings. If you delete the ini straight away it will get them back from the registry but you will no longer be in portable mode.

It works fine from portable to registry..

Mclane - 07 02 11 - 02:14

The original "Turbo 2000" required a hardware mod of XC12 and some additional voltage from the secondary joystick port. I think that the cardridge won't boot without these prerequisites, although it's only my guess. (in Polish: )

galu - 08 02 11 - 04:39

I think that makes the turbo rom idea dead in the water, its a bastardised hardware and software mod. All the programs are available on standard supported Atari media..

Mind you, its not my emulator....

Mclane - 09 02 11 - 04:48

As far as I know, to support the turbo 2000, was modified only a tape recorder, and even then not by much.
the very same Atari has not been touched.
in the 80th years of tapes with the loader turbo 2000 very often used.

When I was little, I did not see any Atari with a floppy drive.
All that came to us in the USSR only boot from a tape recorder.
approximately 80% of games and programs on the tapes were recorded in the turbo mode 2000.

breaker - 09 02 11 - 14:45

By the way, thanks galu.
I passed on your link and learned many interesting things.
well I managed to find cartridge loader turbo 2000, which works in the emulator altirra.

This cartridge:
and the theme of the forum:

breaker - 09 02 11 - 15:26

Mostly serial stuff and some obscure PRIOR timing changes, but this version can now mount 2K and 4K cartridges as mirrored 8K.

Phaeron - 12 02 11 - 10:41

Thanks Avery, you're the best.

breaker - 12 02 11 - 13:13

Phaeron, some questions on emulation "Serial ports":

You wish to add network support in the emulator?
Or it will be connection between two running copies of the emulator?

and yet, I do not know whether this error, but with the option "enable extended baud rate support" checkbox is removed after activation.

breaker - 12 02 11 - 13:45

The "serial" connection can be between two emulators, but it doesn't have to be. It's to simulate a modem connection, where the other end doesn't have to be an Atari.

The checkbox resetting is a bug.

Phaeron - 13 02 11 - 11:31

@Phaeron..OK, I have to admit I have no clue what "but this version can now mount 2K and 4K cartridges as mirrored 8K" means, please put this fool out of his misery and tell me what this means with a real world scenario :)

It sounds like something added for another project on the go?

Mclane - 13 02 11 - 20:30

Paul, what you can not understand ?

Cartridges have a 2 and 4 kb.
cartridges of 2 and 4 kb previously not supported emulator altirra.
Now Cartridges size 2 and 4 kb can be opened.

Examples of cartridges:

Phaeron, I found 2 cartridges with different turbo loaders and cartridge turbo dos:

breaker - 13 02 11 - 21:01

Aha, I see now, thanks Breaker..

I was reading more into it than was needed rather than those smaller sizes will be treated as an 8k rom.

Mclane - 13 02 11 - 22:47

thnx for the updates :) phaeron

marcokitt2000 - 21 02 11 - 08:51

Phaeron, can you say that the changes in these two builds of the emulator?
I understand you want to completely finish the emulation of "serial ports" and antic emulation, am I right?

breaker - 21 02 11 - 21:05

Read the change log lazy :)

As they were not published and the time between the two is so short they may be unfinished..

Its also the pre final 1.9

Mclane - 21 02 11 - 21:50

Yes I have read a list of changes.
it changes, like something from the printer and fixes to emulate "serial ports".
and that's all, for 8 days??
seems lazy contagious ;)

breaker - 21 02 11 - 22:59

Don't you go annoying the Master!! ;)

Anyway, the changes are a bit more complex than that :)

Mclane - 22 02 11 - 01:36

I know, I'm sorry if hurt.
Interestingly, this full list of changes for version 1.9 or something that will add more.

breaker - 22 02 11 - 03:48

good catch:)
Great American cross country road race and a great error in the emulator.
in the game in the middle of the screen from time to time,appears a horizontal line - this is a mistake.
checked the game "GreatAmericanCrossCountryRoadRace.atr" on emulators atari 800winplus 4.0 and altirra 1.8 - image is normal.
error appears in the latest betas emulator altirra.

I post the archive which contains:
two screenshots of the game on screen shot error (an error committed by an oval).
video recording of the game, recording with emulators atari 800winplus 4.0 and altirra 1.9 test 19.
my settings file.
and the image of the game in the atr file.

I'm not a big fan of the game, so the error they told me and I was surprised.

breaker - 27 02 11 - 16:02

See... that's what you get for pulling unnamed releases. :)

That was due to some work in progress for trying to add emulation support for a particular bug. It wasn't finished, but it ended up getting pushed out since I made some test releases for the serial port stuff for someone. I've reverted it and this versions should be OK again:

I haven't done a lot of work on Altirra otherwise, since most of it has been the serial stuff and I hadn't made much progress on trying to emulate the HSCROL bug.

Phaeron - 27 02 11 - 18:18

Thanks Avery.
in the new beta game works fine, bug is fixed.

can I ask two questions:
1) whether the work is completed on Serial ports?
2) you can add to the emulator support "multijoy 4 interface"?

I assembled a collection of 62 games supporting "multijoy 4 interface", but altirra such games do not play.
while the emulator atari 800winplus 4.0 support "multijoy 4 interface" has existed for a very long time.
is hoped that in altirra will too.

thanks again for your excellent work.
I understand that sometimes hard to listen to my whining .... ...
but the disputes often are born interesting solutions;)

breaker - 27 02 11 - 18:31

@Phaeron, I've looked but can't see what the Hscrol bug actually is?

I presume it affects games and demo's..

Mclane - 06 03 11 - 02:10

Nope, not done on the serial port... but getting closer. Two of three BBS programs are working well.

In the meantime, an update:

Mostly a drop of the serial port stuff, but also a fix to the portable registry. It also fixes a couple of bugs in the SpartaDOS disk image explorer (incorrect timestamps, space not being freed on delete).

I'd have to think about the MultiJoy. Implementing it isn't hard, but I'd have to think about how to set up the UI.

The horizontal scrolling bugs don't normally show up in games or demos because people tweak to avoid them once they try on a real Atari. The point of emulating them, though, is so people don't have to wait until they try on a real Atari to find out (which has happened a few times with people developing on emulators).

Phaeron - 07 03 11 - 19:25

thanks for the new beta, Avery.
I post the archive in which all games that I could find using MultiJoy4 interface and games for two or more players.

breaker - 07 03 11 - 20:21

>Two of three BBS programs are working well.
Avery, you can call these three programs?
I am very interested to see.

breaker - 07 03 11 - 20:42

Breaker: Can you please upload again the 2572 games in cassette format. I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you!!!!!

nsonic - 09 03 11 - 11:37

this is the most complete my collection arrived cassettes.
includes conventional cassettes, converted tapes and everything associated with the Turbo 2000.
1) in the folder "cas problems" are tapes that emulator altirra, does not play correctly.
2) in the folder "t2000 casetes" are 320 entries in the form of wav files when you unzip the folder you need 4.42 Gb of free space on your hard drive.


breaker - 09 03 11 - 17:13

Thank you very very very much Breaker. :D

nsonic - 10 03 11 - 01:58

There's a new beta out, unless you lot nicked it early :)

Mclane - 10 03 11 - 03:01

I know about the new beta.
I read on the page

Paul, you can run modem on the emulator altirra?
is there any instruction on how to run on altirra BBS programs?
and what programs are needed.
I honestly did nothing understand.

breaker - 10 03 11 - 03:51

Altirra not charge me any game in CAS format. In all leaves BOOT ERROR.
Could it be?

nsonic - 10 03 11 - 08:49

Just load the game in CAS format if the option is enabled SIO-PATCH.

nsonic - 10 03 11 - 08:53

nsonic, some tapes are loaded only with the option sio-patch.
Some cassettes are loaded with only option is off sio-patch.

breaker - 11 03 11 - 03:46

Sergey, I've asked how to run the modem side of Altirra on Atari Age but not had a proper reply as yet.

I'm at a loss to see what's wrong and although I built my own 300 baud modem for the atari I can't remember all the little details.

Mclane - 11 03 11 - 04:38

Is that the version Altirra19-test5 load all the tapes but since the version does not load Altirra19-test6 none.

nsonic - 11 03 11 - 09:47

Altirra 19 test5 loading perfect montezuma.cas

Altirra 19 test6-21 not loading montezuma.cas (Boot Error or Self-Test)

both tested without sio-patch

nsonic - 11 03 11 - 12:03

Watch this video.
This explains better.
The video I did.

nsonic - 11 03 11 - 12:19

Indeed, is not loaded.
I checked on the 1.8 version before running this game.

breaker - 11 03 11 - 17:59

I managed to loading the game "monty" in the latest beta emulator altirra.
I also put in the archives of my settings file.

breaker - 11 03 11 - 22:31

If siopatch the games load with no problems.
But I load games without siopatch cassette and does not work since version altirra19-test6

nsonic - 11 03 11 - 23:36

Yup, confirmed Nsonic...Same here, works with SIO patch, dies without.

Really odd sounding load

Mclane - 12 03 11 - 01:11

We need to wait only when Avery will stop to work over serial ports and will be engaged in a cassette player

breaker - 12 03 11 - 12:46

I think we all worked that out already Breaker :)

Mine was just a confirmation from multiple sources of the same problem :)

Mclane - 12 03 11 - 21:27

Advantage of fixing the cassette player and add the option to record as well.

nsonic - 13 03 11 - 01:16

+Turbo 2000 mode ;)

breaker - 13 03 11 - 03:22

I figured out what broke and fixed unaccelerated cassette tape loads:

This also fixes the PAL high artifacting engine so that it doesn't display garbage on the right side in full overscan mode, and for anyone doing machine language debugging, adds address range breakpoints.

Phaeron - 16 03 11 - 18:55

Thanks Avery.
montezuma game is now loaded fine.
but there is still a lot of cassettes are not loaded on altirra.
I put these tapes into the folder "cas problems".
Please take a look and they too may be able to correct errors.
download all the tapes recording here:

breaker - 16 03 11 - 20:28

Thanks for the update Avery, appreciated as always..

Mclane - 17 03 11 - 02:20

Thank you Phaeron!!!!! :D

nsonic - 17 03 11 - 09:41

Avery, why the screenshots are so stretched?
Here is an example screenshot of the game boulder dash

I also encountered an error.
if switch on the setting "View ---> Overscan mode ---> extended pal height" When the filter "pal artifactig high" - an emulator crash with an error.

breaker - 17 03 11 - 21:16

Screenshots become flattened when filter is enabled "pal artifacting high" or "ntsc artifacting high".
can this be fixed?

breaker - 17 03 11 - 21:23

Avery, thanks for updatings.
But, in 28 beta versions there were not corrected 2 errors:

1) the wrong size of screenshots.
Screenshots made with the included filter "PAL artifacting high" flat, have the permission 672х240 - is a wrong size.

2) the emulator suffers crash if to make the following:
switch on filter PAL artifacting high.
switch on option View--> Overscan mode--> Extended pal height.
After that the emulator suffers crash and is closed.

please fix it!

breaker - 24 03 11 - 20:38

Well done for spotting the errors Sergey but I don't think its fair to ask him to fix an unpublished WIP beta, as its not been released publicly its classed as unfinished.

Mclane - 24 03 11 - 21:07

Paul, these errors were in the beta number 26.
I just noticed the errors later.

breaker - 24 03 11 - 22:18

Aha, no problem, didn't realise they were old....

Keep on looking...

Mclane - 24 03 11 - 22:27

Paul, I can ask you.
you get to use altirra to connect to the BBS?
if so, can you explain how?

breaker - 24 03 11 - 22:34

From Phaeron himself..

Set baud rate to 19.2K (19200) and translation to ASCII, then hit ENTER to switch to terminal mode. Type AT, and you should see an OK prompt from the modem. Then type ATDI 23 to telnet to a machine. Then you can switch translation back to Atari if you want. If you get NO DIALTONE, then you need to enable outgoing connections in serial port options.

You can also cheat by using Ctrl+M to type carriage returns to the modem while staying in Atari translation mode. The modem output will be less readable, but you won't have to switch translation once you connect.

It's a good idea to test this locally before you try one of the BBSes, which are probably limited to one connection at a time. If you have a copy of Altirra or Atari800Win listening, you can use "ATDI localhost 23" to connect to your own telnet port instead.

Mclane - 25 03 11 - 00:51

Oops. meant to say use Bobterm 1.2

Mclane - 25 03 11 - 00:52

Phaeron, was just playing about and tried to use Ice-T but when I go to the dialing menu and edit the example one the name and address boxes just fill up continuously with the letter j (lower case) ?

Tried this on beta 26 and 28

Tried 2 versions of Ice-T 2.72, both do it...

I managed to link on with Bobterm, the ascii mode got me lots of garbage on the screen, I swapped to Atari in translation but it seemed to still do it BUT I only tried once..

Mclane - 25 03 11 - 02:05

Breaker, just noticed the instructions had lost two words, I presume the greater than bracket and less than bracket are illegal characters on these sites

It should have looked like this, hostname is the address of the bbs you want to connect to then a space and 23 press return...

ATDI hostname 23 RETURN

Mclane - 25 03 11 - 02:12

Thanks Paul, you helped me a lot. :)
I was able to log on to "The Electric Cafe '" to address "".
please can you tell yet any other hostname?
What else is there ?

breaker - 25 03 11 - 02:42

There's a few in this thread...

That's all I know of sadly...

Mclane - 25 03 11 - 02:54

thanks again, Paul.

breaker - 25 03 11 - 03:02

My pleasure..Have fun..

Mclane - 25 03 11 - 03:21

Good catch on the artifacting crash. This should be fixed:

Any of the 14MHz dot clock modes (artifacting, VBXE) produce a double-width screen. This is because the copy command gives you raw output and doesn't do aspect ratio correction; for the same reason NTSC caps are about 11% too wide. I haven't gotten around to putting in an alternate copy command yet.

Ice-T XE 2.72 has a bug where its keyboard click routine often fails to work, even on some real Ataris. The bug is caused by attempting to abuse the OS keyboard handler's GET BYTE routine by force feeding a scan code of $01 into CH and attempts to make the K: handler read it to produce the key click. (I have no idea why, since it's easier just to write your own key click routine.) However, because Ice-T directly calls the routine without going through CIO and particularly without setting up ICAX1Z, the GET BYTE routine sometimes jumps out and doesn't clear the force fed $01, which happens to translate to the ASCII letter 'j'. Ice-T then gets stuck in a loop and keeps transmitting that character until the output buffer is full. Turning off the keyboard click and waiting for the output buffer to drain fixes the problem.

Phaeron - 25 03 11 - 19:34

Thanks for the info and the fix Avery

Mclane - 25 03 11 - 21:21

Thanks for the update Avery.

breaker - 25 03 11 - 23:02

guys can tell me where I can take a disk images utility bobterm 1.23 and Ice-T 800 v1.1?
I always come across only *. arc files.
I have to use the utility bobterm 1.21.

breaker - 26 03 11 - 01:24

I have Bobterm 1.23 but ICE-T I have 2.72

Mclane - 26 03 11 - 06:44

Paul, you can put *. atr disk bobterm 1.23?

breaker - 27 03 11 - 16:58

Wow, I just discovered Altirra a few days ago and have spent many late nights reliving old Atari memories! Thank you! I'm not sure if my name is familiar, but you might have used my Antic chip timings document I posted years ago (text file with all of the DMA cycles, etc).

Your artifacting is flawless, it was one of the major things holding back other emulators. Now I feel like it's a real Atari again.

One thing I'm curious about, on my real Atari 800 XL there was a quiet disk sector loading sound that is just silence in Altirra (compared to the loud disk loading sound which is exact). There also seems to be a glitch in the Archon intro music (a single tone instead of a chord sound at one point), but my memory is foggier as to what the real one sounded like!

I love the debugging tools, any way to make the memory window scrollable and allow editing directly in the window? It'd help me cheat far easier :)


Bennet - 04 04 11 - 17:27

whats new, Avery ?
When will release an emulator 1.9 final?
It has been over 3 months.

breaker - 04 04 11 - 18:06

Welcome Bennet, always great to have another voice on here especially with tech know how.

IIRC the SIO noise could be turned off / muted also Phaeron has mentioned on here how the pokey stuff is the one part of the emulation that's the hardest and that he (at the point he wrote it) did not have the needed tools to research it.

I dare say he also does not have that much time free :)

I'm sure Avery will comment on this and answer it properly :)

Mclane - 04 04 11 - 20:23

Btw, Bennet, I don't know if you use Atariage forums?

Its a wonderful place for like minded Atari people.

Mclane - 04 04 11 - 20:24

Breaker, its all serial stuff...

Mclane - 04 04 11 - 22:00

thanks Paul :)

breaker - 04 04 11 - 22:17

Welcome Bennet question are you dutch?

And if you are one atariage forum there is much more stuff for reading :)

gr. marco

marcokitt2000 - 05 04 11 - 06:55

Sorry, guys... let me explain what's going on.

First, I haven't been doing a lot of coding lately. I've been feeling a bit run down and relaxing to avoid compromising my job, although fortunately I've avoided all of the colds that have been flying around here. (At least, I think so... maybe I didn't!) More importantly, though, I've been doing some development in side branches to try to emulate some additional corner hardware behaviors like the wide playfield scrolling and HSCROL bugs. I've been able to emulate the former properly, but it comes with a slight speed hit and some major rework of the ANTIC code, so I've decided to push that until after version 1.9. I haven't had as much success with the HSCROL bugs, so I'm going to need to work a bit more on that.

The SIO noise is actually integral to the way that the POKEY serial port works and it actually is detectable by the Atari program, which is why I haven't put in an option to mute it. Well, that, and I consider it an important characteristic of the Atari disk drive. The muted disk load, however, is not something I'm familiar with. One thing that comes to mind is that the SIO beeping contains a lot of high frequency artifacts, so it's possible that if a game has left on channels 1 and 2 to run high frequencies that there may be interference effects. Those are hard to emulate because they involve the behavior of the analog circuitry in the audio path. The other thing that comes to mind is that it could be writes to the disk, which Altirra will block unless you explicitly change the disk mode from R/O (read only) to R/W (read/write) or VirtRW (virtual read/write).

Archon sounds OK to me. You might try enabling System | Audio | Audio Monitor, which will show some graphs of what the audio channels are doing. If one of the channels is showing audio you're not hearing, that might be a clue. For the Archon tune, the first two channels spend most of their time in harmony and the last two channels are ganged for a bass line, except for the beginning and end. This is what I usually do to diagnose sound problems.

And yes, Bennet, I definitely do remember you and your chart. :) I think your Antic timing chart is 100% correct... I've run a lot of tests on the real Atari and AFAIK there are no errors in it. Good job! Have you seen my hardware ref manual?

The memory window doesn't scroll because I got lazy. It's a little bit more tricky than usual because the memory window attempts to highlight changed values, so I'd have to modify that when you scroll off the monitored window. Serves me right for trying to write my own Visual Studio for Atari, I guess.

On a 1.9 release... I never give release dates, but I think it's close. I'm not going to integrate in any more big stuff, and it's mostly bug fixes right now. There are some reports on the debugger trickling in, and I have a couple of people helpfully looking at the serial port and IDE emulation right now. Overall, I don't think it'll be too long. But then again, I'm pretty much doing everything on a week cycle now.

Phaeron - 05 04 11 - 17:41

thanks for the clarification Avery and for your excellent work on the best emulator.
I hope that you will long to do and did not throw an emulator.
and that we will see many interesting things.

may I ask, will we see in altirra settings such as video in Atari800win 2.2.0?
I really liked the ability to change screen resolution in the emulator and OpenGL video mode.

breaker - 05 04 11 - 17:57

Avery, health and happiness are 100X more important than Altirra, trust me as a man whose job burnt him out I can say that with conviction. The last thing you want is getting hassle from work and depression afterwards in your free time.

We appreciate all your work on this wonderful emulator, its gone from being a proof of concept to the number one Atari 8bit (and 5200) emulator out there because of its accuracy and features, we would miss your frequent output but health and happiness count first.

Without trying to sound selfish I'm happy to get what releases whenever they come but would be sad to see Altirra fold....Be well young man, it gets harder later on :)

Mclane - 05 04 11 - 20:14

Yep, I certainly read the AtariAge forums (it's where I posted my Antic_Timings.txt many years ago). I'm also not Dutch, I live in the USA.

For the disk sound I was about to record my Atari, but YouTube came to the rescue! That's the 'quiet' disk load sound I was referring to. It certainly sounds like it could be based in high frequency analog circuitry effects, but I wanted to give you a physical example.

It also seems that the SAP player has contaminated my memories of how Archon sounded... I got used to hearing it play on there, which is different from the actual hardware. I knew my memory might be foggy on that one, and it was.

I've read through your hardware ref manual and you have a similar chart, yours is prettier though. I made mine as a text file since that was easiest to email and post. It was certainly a pain to figure those things out. I badly wanted chip schematics for the Antic so I could see what was actually going on instead of reverse engineering (I'm very pleased by things like and the decapping of an Antic chip).

Not to worry on the memory window, I've actually dumped ram to a disk file and used Visual Studio to search for things in it.

One feature that might be useful is in disk handling. I've had games crash when they fail to write to the disk image, and the first time that happened it took me a while to figure out what was going wrong (aka "In Search of the Most Amazing Thing"). Is it easy to catch the failed write and ask to make the disk writable before it fails? (or virtually writable) Though this might cause many false alarms. Having the Disk Drives dialog be non-modal would be nice also.

Oh, and would tape files work as mp3? I have a copy of "Sammy The Sea Serpent" and it uses tape audio to narrate the story, but it's funny requiring 40+MB of disk space for a game from 1981. I wouldn't be surprised if mp3 compression kills the Atari tape data signals since it's not meant for human consumption.

Tonight I'm going to break out my old 1050 and try copying some more floppies onto the PC now that I have a worthy emulator to run them on :)


Bennet - 06 04 11 - 10:39

Yes, sounds load diskettes it would be great.
to date does not yet exist a single emulator that would have been able to reproduce the sounds of boot disk.

about mp3 as cassettes, I think Avery will not do it.
because when you convert from wav to mp3 recording quality will suffer and may lose data.

breaker - 06 04 11 - 15:54

There were a couple of bad regressions in the memory manager which caused the 52K RAM setting to be inoperative and that caused memory to be improperly mapped at $D1xx. Fixed version:

Re: Bruce Lee, I'll have to try that out on a real Atari and see if I can hear the same thing. I hope it's not something nasty like capacitive pickup.

On the auto-write-enable, I've thought about that before, but there's an important reason I don't do it: a bunch of games like to issue a format command on the disk to screw you over if you pirated it. Might be workable if I make it an option and only do it on writes, but I haven't tried it yet.

Cassettes as MP3 actually might be doable, if it's a standard tape at 600 baud. I think the Atari FSK encoding should basically end up as binary streams in two subbands with layer II encoding; I can't imagine layer III encoding doing worse, even though it has extra stuff on top like an IMDCT. The more pressing issue is how to do the MP3 decoding, which is a bit of a pain in Windows. I don't want to link in an MPEG audio decoder if I don't have to, for various reasons.

Phaeron - 06 04 11 - 17:50

thanks for new beta Avery :)

breaker - 06 04 11 - 18:05


I have extensively using Altirra, and it has now officially (and finally) replaced my old-and-venerable Atari800Win++ copy.

Since finding something that does not really work with Altirra seems quite more challenging nowadays, just wanted to let you know that the MemoPad 480i demo does not seem to be working correctly (bottom-screen section corrupted/broken, and the scroller does not work).

Nothing that really matters in the big scheme of things... but I've found that issue particularly interesting in an otherwise superb (and must-keep) Emulator.

I wonder if it is a matter of a (wrong) config. on my side.

Thanks, and keep up the GREAT work!

Faicuai - 11 04 11 - 14:08

Aha! Yes, that is a genuine emulation bug. To be specific, VSCROL check timing for DLIs wasn't correct. This version should work:

Interlacing should work in PAL; it doesn't seem to work in NTSC. Haven't looked into why yet, although interlacing on Atari is touchy (it involves forcing ANTIC+GTIA to generate an even less compliant video signal than it already does).

I checked Bruce Lee on a real Atari, and at least with the disks I have, there is no sound coming out of the speaker during that portion of the load. That strongly implies that it is interference pickup. I'm running off the monitor port, so there's a chance that you only might get this out of the RF port.

Phaeron - 11 04 11 - 18:55

Thanks again for another update, thanks Faicuai for finding a bug for Phaeron, the more the merrier, as you say its damn hard to find bugs in Altirra now so its always great to see people finding the obscure stuff.

On a plus note now, my jackpot of Atari gear has arrived in the house, I took delivery of my Atari 800, Atari800XL, 1050 drive, 8833Mk2 monitor (blasted 9pin and not scart), sadly not real floppies as yet and I can't afford an SIO2pc USB but at some point I'll be able to cross check bugs on the real thing before sending them in :)

Mclane - 11 04 11 - 20:35

Thanks for new beta Avery.
You want to break the record by quantity of the let out beta versions?

Avery, you speak that from dynamics is not audible sounds of loading of game, bruce lee, but there can be these sounds are a fruit of work of the disk drive?

breaker - 12 04 11 - 02:37

Many thanks for your prompt response, as well as your latest version.

Now you just made my job even harder, because this thing simply refuses to fail... :-)))


Faicuai - 12 04 11 - 16:12

Yes, it became almost impossible to search for errors.
I cannot simply find an error in the new version of the emulator.

Avery, new possibilities and new are necessary...
No, perhaps new errors it is not necessary :)))

breaker - 12 04 11 - 16:38

Something a little different, for those of you with real Ataris:

> Avery, you speak that from dynamics is not audible sounds of loading of game, bruce lee, but there can be these sounds are a fruit of work of the disk drive?

No, they're definitely related to the data transfer.

Phaeron - 13 04 11 - 17:59

altirra each time getting closer to a real Atari.
mean errors were only in emulation Antic processor?

thanks for another update, Avery.

breaker - 13 04 11 - 18:30


Nowadays, we do not seem to chase the stuff that does work on real hardware, but rather the stuff that *DOES NOT work* on it (!!!) I can now see why some believe perfection could be (potentially) boring... ;-)))

If Altirra gets to that point (which could be a technical milestone), then I would only ask a Direct-3D type filter (pretty much like MAME 32/64 UI), so it properly emulates presence of Scan Lines, as well as CRT "cell structure", and a graphical bezel around the screen output, showing the top-section of an actual Atari computer, as you change the machine options (400/800/1200, etc).

Talk about the ULTIMATE contemporary emulator.


Faicuai - 15 04 11 - 03:25

Yes, have to agree, its a tremendous achievement and a credit to Avery that we are now at a stage where its almost impossible to find stuff that fails to work as opposed like the old days where you hoped you might find something that DID work.

The biggest pain in Avery side is the Pokey stuff he says but unless you are a 1. perfectionist beyond all or 2. a musician of amazing ears then you would be hard pressed to find fault.

As a long time Atarian and emu tester its going to be a blast to finally get some real old hardware up and running over the weekend to compare to, side by side comparison is going to amaze me :)

Mclane - 15 04 11 - 20:25

Paul, I think the error will still be, and there will be many.
All that is needed is a new possibility emulator.
and I must say the emulator is to develop.

possible, further, the development emulator altirra:

- Correction of errors in the antic.
- Multijoy interface.
- an improved cassette player.
- Support for sap files.
- Video (fullscreen, direct X - opengl, screen resolution).
and much more.

breaker - 16 04 11 - 01:42

But Sergey, we have done this chat 100 times, those are long standing requests mostly from yourself which you are just using this as a chance to repeat them :)

What will be, will be...

I'd love Avery to do lots of little extra's but while the focus is accuracy and bug fixing plus whatever Avery is working on privately its pointless to push the list again.

Mclane - 16 04 11 - 04:17

Paul, you misunderstood me.
I do not ask now, these additions.
if when in emulator adds something new, there is a chance that the new addition will not work properly.
and for us beta testers the opportunity to look for errors.

I hope someone will understand the hint :)))

breaker - 16 04 11 - 04:28

Just for entertainment/research (for those who run Altirra on DIFFERENT machines, like me):

I just found a strange issue with Spindizzy. If I load it in my WinXP32 Dell 620, when as soon as Altirra boots Spindizzy past the intro, I get a permanent playback of White/Pink noise, which MIXES with NORMAL and OK. sound reproduction, in-game...

...Now when loading on my Dell Studio 1440z (Nvidia Grpahics and Sound), sent to Sony KDL-52W300 via HDMI, Altirra + Spindizzy work JUST fine.

Just wanted to share this, because If I am the only one who gets this pink-noise on Win32XP+Dell 620 (or similar setup), then the problem is mine.

Just some food for thought/entertainment.

Happy weekend to all!

Faicuai - 16 04 11 - 10:26

Avery, can I ask altirra add a video filter like in the emulator Atari 800win2.2.0 opengl test 3.
I really like this picture and the small points on the screen.

breaker - 17 04 11 - 14:22

Sergey, I'd hate to see your Christmas list for Santa (depending on your religion), I've never seen anyone request so much stuff so often....


Mclane - 19 04 11 - 01:41

O, I have a big list)))
but, I disappoint you, I do not believe in God.

breaker - 19 04 11 - 01:49

Me neither, I find religion a load of nonsense for people who refuse to be responsible for their own lives BUT if they like it I have no problems.

Mclane - 20 04 11 - 05:02

...Not believing in GOD is a PRETTY BAD bet...

...If at the end of your time, you cross the line and find nothing... well, it was nothing then, and nothing to lose... BUT, if you cross it and you are called to "assess" your performance and you never beleived along the way... well, you will probably position yourself for a SHELLACKING of self-blaim. I am not sure if I could face the consequences of such CATASTROPHIC decision during a life that would be then gone, and with no clear/secure chance to ammend such horrid mistake.

Therefore, it seems clear that betting against God has HUGE downside and seems a non-intelligent move, by most angles you can look at it (spiritually, tactically/strategically, etc.)


Faicuai - 20 04 11 - 08:10

Unless Santa or God has been rewritten in 6502 asm and fits in a 32K bankswitched ROM, can we keep comments on topic, please?

Phaeron - 20 04 11 - 15:18

Avery, I do not want to distract you, but it took quite a long time (almost 4 months) and stable release of all no.
What happened?

breaker - 20 04 11 - 17:23

Sorry Avery, God has been debugged...end of that!

Mclane - 20 04 11 - 22:35

aded PCLink support.

Avery, what is it, communications of the emulator with the computer?

breaker - 24 04 11 - 01:01

Basically yes...

If memory serves me its a direct file transfer link..

Mclane - 24 04 11 - 02:55

Avery, can't remember if this has been asked for or not, it might have been but I can't remember if you ruled it out or not.

I was just playing around with my real hardware I got recently and noticed the display had scan lines (PAL wise), was this ever considered as an effect / shader at any point?

Apologies if asked already...

Mclane - 24 04 11 - 03:51

I would have not refused to effect it scan lines.
scan lines just looks amazing in the emulator Atari 800win openGL test.

breaker - 24 04 11 - 14:58

Still here it would be excellent addition to the emulator.
I asked it earlier.
As we see it it is necessary not only me.

Avery, I do not insist, to decide what to add or not, to you.
But I very much would want to use delay and acceleration in altirra so as in awp.

sorry for my annoyance.

breaker - 24 04 11 - 15:22

I wasn't aware 100% it was asked for earlier..

My apologies.

Mclane - 24 04 11 - 22:43

PCLink support is for accessing files from SpartaDOS X, which doesn't support H:.

This version fixes the bug where undocking the Display pane causes it to get lost on the next restart:

Scanlines require some major rework on the display code.

Phaeron - 25 04 11 - 10:42

Thanks for the update, Avery.
you as always on top.

Thirty-sixth beta - this is a new record :)

breaker - 25 04 11 - 12:44

Avery, if you implement in the next version of the adjustment speed of the emulator, I'll be very grateful.

breaker - 25 04 11 - 13:10

Come on sergey, you asked for this already just 4 lines above, give Avery a rest eh.

As for PClink, I must be confusing it with another item I swear that existed?

Maybe it was from the Amiga to the PC, the memory isn't as good as it used to be :)

Mclane - 25 04 11 - 21:46

What are all the command line options for Altirra?

Krakerman - 01 05 11 - 14:44

Here they are


Mclane - 02 05 11 - 08:31

Just incase 1st link does not work...

To see them all you do is open a command prompt preferably in the Altirra directory

type altirra /?

And it will show you that screen..

Mclane - 02 05 11 - 08:35

Kool! Thanks :)

My next ? is I am having troubles trying to get 5200 games running from command line. What would be the correct command line to use?

Krakerman - 02 05 11 - 17:33

Never used the command line to run games but I'd guess it would be

Altirra /hardware:5200

remove the brackets and insert the rom you want to run instead of the name rom...

Mclane - 02 05 11 - 19:41

Argh...The brackets I used were removed as display code so imagime the word rom is the name of the rom you want to run in this lne

Altirra /hardware:5200 ROM

Mclane - 02 05 11 - 19:43

Does Altirra not display the Atari Logo on 5200 carts or is there an option to display that when running 5200 game?

Krakerman - 03 05 11 - 11:44

Hmm, I wonder, too.
I have long noticed it but somehow did not ask.
If you select the console Atari 5200 but not to download any games, then altirra unlike all the other emulators, no logo, atari (bios 5200).
Avery, can you fix it?

breaker - 03 05 11 - 13:13

Are you guys SURE the 5200 displayed a logo with no carts in?

I don't remember one but it's a long time since I played with a 5200 let alone one without a cart in..

Mclane - 03 05 11 - 19:25

It also seems a pointless idea even if there was a logo, unlike the Atari 800, 800XL 130XE etc there is no benefit in turning on the item without a cart, with the 800 you got the memo pad feature, ok not the most useful item but it was part of the OS startup, the XL onwards game you systems tests which was VERY useful especially if you had a dead ram chip.

I'm not knocking the idea in terms of completeness but I'm sure you would rather Avery spent the little time he sets aside for Altirra on say the Hscroll bug or other improvements in emulation that actually matter / make a difference?

Mclane - 03 05 11 - 19:30

You should use /baseline /hardware:5200 to be sure you have a clean setup. In some cases Altirra will not disable some 800/XL specific options when switching to 5200 mode like disk drives, and even less so with the command line. Fixing that is on my TODO list.

The real 5200 doesn't display *anything* without a cartridge. There is an interlock in the console that prevents the 5200 from even powering on without a cartridge, because the cartridge has to bridge two lines to enable the power supply.

Phaeron - 03 05 11 - 19:40

Avery, may I ask you the source files from the utility called "atdiskloader"?
seems like it should be files atdiskloader128.bin and main.s
we are engaged in translating emulator altirra from English into Russian language.
when we tried to compile the source code of the last beta 1.9test36 we got an error:
1>------ Build started: Project: HLEKernel, Configuration: Debug Win32 ------
2>------ Build started: Project: Kernel, Configuration: Debug Win32 ------
1>Performing Makefile project actions
2>Performing Makefile project actions
1>Build log was saved at "file://c:\Altirra-1.9-test36-src\obj\Debug\HLEKernel\BuildLog.htm"
1>HLEKernel - 0 error(s), 0 warning(s)
2>NMAKE : fatal error U1073: don't know how to make 'source\ATDiskLoader\main.s'
2>Project : error PRJ0019: A tool returned an error code from "Performing Makefile project actions"
2>Build log was saved at "file://c:\Altirra-1.9-test36-src\obj\Debug\Kernel\BuildLog.htm"
2>Kernel - 2 error(s), 0 warning(s)
3>------ Build started: Project: Altirra, Configuration: Debug Win32 ------
3>Compiling resources...
3>.\res\Altirra.rc(1413) : error RC2135 : file not found: ..\..\..\out\Debug\atdiskloader128.bin
3>Build log was saved at "file://c:\Altirra-1.9-test36-src\obj\Debug\Altirra\BuildLog.htm"
3>Altirra - 1 error(s), 0 warning(s)
========== Build: 1 succeeded, 2 failed, 6 up-to-date, 0 skipped ==========

breaker - 04 05 11 - 01:30

Avery Hi, thanks for the great emulator. I do not quite understand the meaning set "Share NTSC/PAL palettes" in "Adjust Colors" - please explain what it does

Leonis (link) - 04 05 11 - 06:47


Initially Altirra used one setting for both PAL & NTSC colours, it was later made that people could set different settings for each TV system type. All that setting does is return it to how it was so any adjustments affect both palette settings at once rather than separate settings for each.

Depending on the system colours on a real tv can seem different for PAL & NTSC even if the setting is actually using the same value for both, most people like to adjust the settings to match their systems as per their memory or real hardware, some just want one setting for both..

I'm sure Avery will give a far better explanation but he's a busy man.. :)

Mclane - 04 05 11 - 11:32

> Avery, may I ask you the source files from the utility called "atdiskloader"?

Apologies, this version should build:

Phaeron - 04 05 11 - 16:17

thanks for your excellent work, Avery.

breaker - 04 05 11 - 17:38

Thanks ;)

Please share information about the mysterious controller "Input State" which can be found in the settings Altirra - on the Internet about him not a word

Leonis (link) - 05 05 11 - 06:34

Not sure what you mean by 'input state', have a check of the wording and what menu its on and I'll do my best to offer some help..

Mclane - 05 05 11 - 11:34

Paul, we have in mind here is this type of controller.
we do not understand what it is and how it translated.
in one of these days I will present results of our work, the emulator is almost fully translated.

breaker - 05 05 11 - 16:36

The "input state" controller is a meta-controller: it lets you change flags on the input map itself. It doesn't correspond to a real controller.

Phaeron - 05 05 11 - 17:12

thanks Avery :)

breaker - 05 05 11 - 17:31

Avery, I encountered an error.
Any image can not be put into the drive number 9 - 15.

how to see the error:
1) go to menu File ---> Disk drives
2) Select the drive 9 - 15
3) Click button "..." and choose any atr disk image.

you'll see that it is not put disk into the drive.

breaker - 05 05 11 - 21:15

Nice spot Sergey...

Mclane - 05 05 11 - 21:26

Paul, you do not know, can drives, number 9 - 15 are used as something differently?
maybe it is not a bug.

breaker - 05 05 11 - 21:29

I don't know for sure, 1 - 8 are valid drives, the fact you cannot enter an image into 9 - 15 seems a bug to me, I don't remember Phaeron mentioning anything special about 9 - 15?

Mclane - 06 05 11 - 04:08

Just a bug.

Phaeron - 07 05 11 - 07:46


mclane - 07 05 11 - 08:34

Avery, thanks for updating.
But, whether we this year will see the stable version of the emulator 1.9? :)
Such quantity of beta-tests yet was not never.

breaker - 07 05 11 - 16:19

make your mind up Sergey, you once said to me you would be happy to see as many beta tests as Phaeron wanted to do :)

mclane - 07 05 11 - 16:36

Only sometimes beta versions happens too much.

Paul, you began to write the nick from a small letter.

breaker - 07 05 11 - 17:00

...As for frequency / number of beta versions, I don't personally care, at all. If we are going to be in v1.9T-versions for months, so it will be (there's no point in neglecting a process that is actually IMPROVING the product, in every step of the way).


Faicuai - 08 05 11 - 02:11

Phaeron / Avery has a clear view of what in his mind is of release material quality, things lone the HSCROL bug I think were already sanctioned for 2.00 or later if I remember his post from a while back.

I'd imagine all that's being done is final fixes to his serial support and related articles.

mclane - 08 05 11 - 02:46

Seems that I got something here:

When running Lunar Lander (it is written in Basic with lots of "data"), it CRASHES at line 9100 (top-fifth of stars-background draw), with Error 8. If I DISABLE Altirra's fast-FP routines, it runs nicely.

Moreover, if I disable fast-FP for that top section of the screen and then RE-ENABLE it right past that point, the program seems to run just nicely.

Something strange is wrong there.


Faicuai - 08 05 11 - 15:05

Nice catch, fixed:

You can consider these release candidates at this point... I'm just waiting for a convenient time to release.

Phaeron - 08 05 11 - 18:00

Many thanks for updating, Avery.
Can you let out one more, last beta, for the equal account. ;)
And that 39 somehow does not look, 40 will be more correct.
Try to add for example in the emulator support gzip archives.

breaker - 08 05 11 - 23:23

I also in for a last v1.9T40, and let us call it a *WELL DONE* job.


Faicuai - 09 05 11 - 13:59

Are you two superstitious?


mclane - 09 05 11 - 19:25

Hi Avery!. When translating faced with the problem. Something is wrong with the code page. It goes astray, to seek necessary since uidiskexplorer.cpp:
str.sprintf (L "Cannot delete file \"% ls \ ":% hs", fle-> mFileName.c_str (), e.gets ());
(see attached screenshots)

I apologize for my English

Leonis (link) - 10 05 11 - 04:41

UNEXPECTED problem with OSS BasicXL Cart ROM dump/Image:

Unless I am something already known (and old), I am having trouble loading a 16K size-exact (16,384 bytes) of OSS BasicXL. After selecting the first OSS-type cart in Altirra's cart-mapper menu (from top-to-bottom), the image fires up ok, main title shows, but it seems that as soon as I type anything (e.g. List, dos, whatever), Altirra's session FULLY CRASHES.

I have tried A800/A800XL, Flolating-Point ON/OFF, memory configs., etc., but there seems something loose, somewhere. Can't make it work (unless the rom-image is garbage, but the sample comes from a pretty reliable source, though).

Any comments would be appreciated. If, indeed, this is an EMU-problem (I am not really sure), we may have our final T40 correction, and we should be ready for take-off.


Faicuai - 12 05 11 - 03:58

I tried to run different versions of the cartridge with the Basic XL.
writing small programs in basic xl.
gaining different commands list, dir, and others.
no errors I could not be found.
emulator does not crash.
maybe you're using a bad image of basic xl, try my images.

breaker - 12 05 11 - 04:23

Thanks for your feedback. Your images cannot be downloaded.

Could you please, try this image (copy & paste except asterisks): ***

I am off and going to try on another machine, later.

Many thanks!

Faicuai - 12 05 11 - 06:07

Confirmed: i CANNOT make it work, in any of my machines, nor in current v1.9-T39 version.

BasicXL's raw rom dumps are NOT working on my side. I can type 10 REM, for instance, but as soon as enter "LIST", everything goes bezerk.

Something is wrong. Can't figure it out, yet.


faicuai - 12 05 11 - 11:58

try to download images cartridges basic xl here:
I also put in the archives my configuration file.
heh, heh.
I have something else I remember about BASIC.

breaker - 12 05 11 - 16:55

I've finally managed to download the FIRST set of images you posted, further above.

Here's the summary:
1. Basic-XL Type-A: works WELL as OSS-034M type, and full-crash on OSS-M091.
2. Basic-XL Type-B: full-crash on OSS-34M and crashes with LIST command on OSS-M091.
3. Basic-XL Rom1.02: crashes with "? fre(0)" on OSS-034M, and blank-screen on OSS-M091
4. Basic-XL Rom1.03: works WELL as OSS-M091, and blank-screen on OSS-034M.

I would only recommend investigating #2 and #3 above, just to make sure that we are dealing with bad/crappy images. The behavior is pretty bizarre in those two cases: if you type "DOS", for instance, the command comes BACK to the cart! (no SelfTest rom).



faicuai - 13 05 11 - 00:37

If there's no actual dos available then some programs will return to the cart if that's what was ran first.

mclane - 13 05 11 - 04:26

I found and fixed a bug in the OSS 034M mapper, which should fix v1.02:

The type-B image appears to be bad -- one bank is blank and another bank doesn't match any from the other images.

I can reproduce the accelerated floating-point issue, but I don't know what's causing it yet. I will probably push the fix for that and atz support to the next version.

That's a bit unfortunate. I haven't tried localizing any of the code, but I'm guessing that you're getting trouble there because the C runtime is set to C locale. I think you can work around it by changing the code to this:

str.sprintf(L"Cannot delete file \"%ls\": %ls", fle->mFileName.c_str(), VDTextAToW(e.gets()).c_str());

Phaeron - 14 05 11 - 15:00

Thanks Avery.
Will we see a stable version before the end of the year?

breaker - 14 05 11 - 15:22

Thanks, all work fine.
Correct please your source code with "VDTextAToW" in these files for the future translations:

uidickexplorer.cpp: strings 551, 1126
cheatengine.cpp: 92
console.cpp: 3650
ide.cpp: 317,388

Leonis (link) - 14 05 11 - 21:32

Thanks, Avery, for your attention to detail. It just makes an *already great* product even better.

BTW, not sure what other bugs are left on Accelerated FP, since it seems working fine here.

Well, it's three-of-three for me. At least I did something useful for v1.9 other than staring at its output... :-)))


Faicuai - 15 05 11 - 08:19

Alright, folks, time to jump to the new thread:

Oh, and 1.9 final is basically the same as 1.9 test-40 with just the version number changed.

Phaeron - 15 05 11 - 10:28

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