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§ VirtualDub 1.6.3 released

I decided to start playing Final Fantasy VIII again this last weekend while feeling a bit under the weather. It's grown on me over the years; I liked it a lot more once I realized that summoning Guardian Forces repeatedly was the most mind-numbingly boring way to play the game (which is why some call FF8 the best movie ever made for the PSX) and also that I'd missed half the GFs the first time around. You can get them again, but I'd hit a roadblock the first time I played at the endgame. Out of curiosity I went back and tried beating that game, and it took me over an hour just to beat the first boss. So I restarted and did some good ole' fashioned minmaxing. I still haven't bothered with the card game, however, as it's too annoying to collect cards for a card game that I habitually lose in between hours of fighting.

After getting GF Tonberry, though, I decided to take a break and release version 1.6.3 of VirtualDub. This release is still experimental and has yet more improvements to the capture module, but only has regression bug fixes for the edit module. Pound on it and let me know the results. Read on for capture specifics....

In 1.6.3, I dusted off my old ATI All-in-Wonder RADEON and stuck it in my P4 HT system for some testing. Now, no discussion of ATI video cards would be complete without a complaint about their drivers: no later than 10 seconds after I had stuck in the card and booted Windows XP did the machine blue-screen with an IRQL_LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL error in the ATI display driver. Ah, the memories. Downloading the latest CATALYST drivers fixed that, but then I discovered that VirtualDub would lock hard when trying to capture through the AIW, and I soon reproduced it in GraphEdit. I whipped out the Firewire cable and set up a kernel debug session, and sure enough, it was a thread stuck in kernel mode on a wait in the ATI capture driver. After tearing my hair out for hours, I eventually discovered that rendering the video port pin worked around the problem. The AIW works pretty well now.

One of my pet peeves about consumer-level video capture cards is that a lot of them seem to have crappy or badly calibrated ADC or AGC circuitry. I presume they tweak it to get bright whites, but the result is usually bright areas of the screen blooming to solid white or really ugly yellows. Some of these areas can be rescued if you capture in YCbCr and enable the "squish luma range" filter option, since YCbCr formats can capture superblacks and superwhites; these are levels that would be clamped in conversion to RGB and are shown as red in the video histogram. However, it usually isn't enough and the result is noticeable degredation in video quality. My WinTV and All-in-Wonder have this problem; my Phillips SAA7135 board, Pinnacle DC10/DC30+, and Plextor PX-M402U don't. If you have a Bt848/878 you can try the Bt8x8 Tweaker with the DScaler (formerly dTV) drivers and tweak the capture chip's white levels further to try to get the levels in range, which sometimes works. I didn't check whether this option still works in 1.6.3, but if it doesn't, drop me a note.

Finally, the capture module of the 64-bit version is virtually untested. If anyone knows of a reasonably cheap video capture card with AMD64 drivers, beta or not, I'd be interested in hearing about it.

Specific feature improvements:

The capture engine does more internal checks so that several actions that would previously cause a crash are now safe. For instance, you can now change some of the video filter settings while a capture is in progress, and switch video formats while the video histogram is displayed.

Some settings are now saved automatically, and the rest can be saved in Device > Capture Settings, including some that were previously inaccessible because I disabled the old Preferences dialog. VirtualDub will attempt to load the last capture driver used whenever entering capture mode; this can be bypassed by holding down SHIFT. Similiarly, if you have changed default device settings such that your system dies on device selection, hold down SHIFT when selecting the device to prevent default settings from being applied. Note that this won't help much if the capture hardware driver itself is storing unsafe settings. Sorry, not much I can do about that.

The DirectShow driver now supports using a sound card to capture audio. When selecting the device, a list of audio devices will appear in the Audio menu. An integrated audio capture facility is always picked first if available. The VFW driver cannot switch sources and will always use the default sound card selected in Windows.

The Audio menu now has an option to replay the captured audio through your sound card. This means you can hear the audio for devices that have integrated sound capture, like the Plextor. Don't enable this if you are routing through the sound card already unless you want a terribly inefficient reverb effect.

Audio and video routing that was previously only accessible manually through the crossbars is now explicitly exposed and saved. This includes the sound card input (audio input) and the audio/video routing (audio/video source). By default VirtualDub will attempt to switch the audio source along with the video source; this can be disabled in Capture Settings. Note that this only works for WDM drivers through DirectShow; the VFW API does not expose these settings so only the sound card input will be available. Note that changing the audio input may switch your mixer settings in Volume Control, so remember to change these back if you need them to be different for other applications. You may also need to access the mixer still to adjust input volume levels on your sound card.

TV tuners are now supported. Again, this requires DirectShow and a WDM driver. You can change channels through up/down arrow or by typing in the number and hitting Enter. If you need to change the TV standard or the channel set, you will still need to use the driver-specific dialogs in the Video menu. Sorry, no big overlay numbers showing the current channel.

Stuff I haven't gotten around to yet:

Capture scripting and command-line. Sorry, internal interfaces are still in flux. It won't be too hard to implement, however.

Timed/scheduled capture. See above.

DV capture. I'll probably be splitting the DV data into separate A/V streams to get this working (type-2 DV), but on the upside the capture system's resync code will double as a corrector for unlocked DV audio. A major problem here is that I don't actually have a DV source working to test against, although I have a Pinnacle Studio DVplus lying around that might work for testing DV capture from an analog source.


Build 22945 (1.6.3, experimental): [January 10, 2005]
    [features added]
    * Capture: DirectShow driver now supports audio passthrough (Audio >
      Enable Audio Playback) for devices with integrated audio capture.
    * Capture: DirectShow driver supports capture from sound cards.
    * Capture: Reduced graph rebuilding in DirectShow driver for better
    * Capture: Video/audio source and audio input selection is now
    * Capture: More settings are automatically saved or savable through
      Device > Device settings.
    * Capture: Noise reduction, field swap, and luma squish can be toggled
      during capture.
    * Improved asynchronous file write code for better performance and
      smoother timing in capture. 
    [bugs fixed]
    * Capture: Adjusted audio resampling timing for better accuracy.
    * Capture: Fixed intermittent crash when audio resampling rate goes
      very high.
    * Capture: Fixed erratic resampling and display when capturing with
      audio compression and with audio peak meter displayed.
    * Capture: VFW driver now suppresses default preview display when
      display acceleration is active.
    * Capture: Fixed crash when exiting capture mode with video histogram
    * Capture: DirectShow driver did not stretch display window properly.
    * Capture: DirectShow driver now supports the "set custom format"
    * Capture: DirectShow driver now works with stop preferences.
    * Capture: Disabled normal nice-in-background behavior for accelerated
    * Capture: Added workaround for process hang with WDM drivers that need
      their video port pins rendered.
    * Capture: Histogram was broken for UYVY format video.
    [regressions fixed]
    * Fixed crash when decompressing compressed audio with timeline edits.
    * Fixed 'movi' chunk error on append.
    * B-frame support was broken.
    * Fixed crash when adjusting crop parameters for a filter without a
      video loaded.
    * Fixed some update problems in the clipping control.
    * Capture: Multi-segment capture wasn't working for the third segment
      and beyond.
    * Capture: Fixed crash when changing video format through capture driver
      dialog while preview acceleration is active. 


Comments posted:

after carefully reading Changelog, it reminded me a bit to MS products (no offense), where they tell that last version was bad, this new one is good, (in MS products repeat until false)
Just tested 163 found small stupid bug in capture Settings dialog, OK doesn't work, only Cancel :), having said this, your program is WONDERFULL, shares with Total Commander and Textpad my top three best/favourite alltime software. Would be nice to have a timeIn/timeOut capture so as to leave all set and go to sleep... I think that will make a big practical difference without doing a complex VCR programming module, I think 99% of users only need to program next capture, and that would solve it. Thanks far all from Argentina.

isidro - 11 01 05 - 12:32

Yes I found that problem too.
The stats indicated it was capturing the full 25 fps I had set it to (but was unable to "ok" save changes in settings) and the output file confirmed all frames had captured.
However the output file had a framerate of 15 as is the default in settings.
Reprocessing with change of framerate corrected the problem.

I am happy that capture mode appears to work for me in all but that one problem. I foresee myself changing from virtualdubsync to the 1.6.x series for capture once this issue is resolved. I have used the sync version for a long time because my hardware has terrible sync. Nice to see the newer versions addressing this.

SonOfAdam - 11 01 05 - 15:05

I have exactly the same problems as the 2 previous posters.Can only capture at 15fps because saving 25fps dont work because of the "OK" button bug.Also I can only use the Microsoft WDM Image capture device to capture because if I use the ATI Rage Theatre capture device mode,listed in the devices option box,the picture seems to have blocky horizontal lines whenever there is any movement in the video.
Anyway we can't expect perfect results from a experimental release,but Virtualdub seems to be improving significantly in other areas.
Looking forward to a bug fix release to the problems we have mentioned.
Keep up the good work!

Luke - 11 01 05 - 17:23

Luke: "Horizontal blocky lines" are most likely leftovers from interlacing. Capturing at half the maximum resolution should work, but if you want higher resolutions, capture at full resolution with a lossless codec or one that has an interlacing option (XviD) and use a deinterlacing filter afterword.

(using Nearest Neighbor on an interlaced source should be a federal crime punishable by death)

Simon E. - 11 01 05 - 22:25

Hmm... it looks like the settings dialog code is still trying to validate some fields that I removed, resulting in failures on some systems. Fortunately, you can set the most common frame rates by clicking on the frame rate in the lower right -- that's what I always use and that's why I missed it. None of the other settings in that dialog work right now, btw.

SonOfAdam: That sounds different. I've seen capture devices that captured significantly above the rate they were supposed to, when the capture rate is set lower than 25/29.97 fps. If drops are disabled in timing options, then VirtualDub will keep all the extraneous frames, whereas otherwise they should be dropped. If you use the frame rate shortcut button to set 25 fps directly then you shouldn't have this problem.

Phaeron - 12 01 05 - 00:23

One note for AIW - if you read DX documentation, you will notice, that video port and VBI allocator should be connected to properly capture, it has one disadvantage - video port is connected to overlay mixer, so there is no way to use video filtering on capture pin with connecting to overlay mixer too (except VMR in DX mode, which i have not tried, i don't have this card anymore).

Mike (link) - 12 01 05 - 04:44

Once again just to say thank you for a superb program. I am looking at 1.6.3 after 1.5.x and godd improvements, however one strange one using my usual settings i.e PAL I 25fps 352x288 and Huffy compression the captured video is now upside down! - any ideas?

Paul H - 12 01 05 - 05:28

The usual wish: Please add support for VBR files.

Per - 12 01 05 - 10:21

Thanks for the workaround tip. I hadn't even thought of that. Is there any way to make it save that as default? (if not then I'll be quiet and show some patience for a change)

Yes I have drops turned off and audio resample on.

My card is rather eccentric. It's an old "tview" tvtuner of over 5 years age and likes throwing a fit with sync when I change frame rates to anything other than 25fps. I would not expect this card to act normally about anything. It has already refused to work in anything but XP simply because I upgraded my motherboard. I half expect it to stop working with virtualdub as every new version comes out but so far it is behaving.

Thanks again for writing the only program that captures from this thing properly.

SonOfAdam - 12 01 05 - 13:10

I just love VirtualDub and use it almost exclusively with the DeShaker filter for stabilizing hand-held DV.

I would love to be able to save windows size/position so that I don't have to resize/reposition each time I open V/dub.


Tom Pauncz - 12 01 05 - 16:05

After the horrible time consuming past year in college I finally got some time to play Valkyrie Profile and check out new VirtualDub experimental version, so maybe it can be called a bug repor:

- I was playing around the codec selection window when I finally selected a codec (ffdshow Video Codec - celtic_druid build 20050105) and clicked on Configure then I accidentaly managed to click again in the selection codec window without previously closing the Configure window... My system hanged badly..
That is the only codec showing this problem, the other ones set on a modal window so it's impossible to click on the codec selection window without previously closing the Configure window. It may be a bug in ffdshow Video Codec, anyway I'm reporting it here.
- When I try to create a palettized AVI from an AVI file it shows "No video frames found in MPEG file", creating a palettized AVI from an MPEG file works (I'm not sure what's the use of creating palettized AVIs anyway).

- And it runs quite faster on my P4... I don't think it's a bug anyway ;) (It's the first version i try since 1.5.10)

Bye from the 42ºC burning hot San Juan in Argentina.

sarkwalvein - 12 01 05 - 17:05

Simon E: I capture at 384x 576 with "2:1 Cubic" Vertical Reduction enabled.I also use the Huffyuv 2.1.1 codec.
The problem only occurs when selecting the ATI Rage Theatre capture device(The drivers are also fully up to date for my ATI Radeon 9200 Series VIVO Card.)
When I use the Microsoft WDM Image capture device,the captures are perfect quality,no horizontal lines ect..
I just thought I'd mention the problem with the ATI device capture option,using MS WDM is fine by me,I think I'll stick to this option because I haven't had any problems with it before.

Luke - 12 01 05 - 18:48

Mike: Yup, that was the clue to resolving the issue. It should still be fixed, though, because otherwise it provides a way for user-land code to create an unkillable process. (I dropped ATI a note about it through the CATALYST CREW form.) VirtualDub renders the VP pin and hides the resulting window; I haven't checked if the overlay is busy or not, but DirectDraw blits at least still work.

Paul H: Very weird. I can add a filter mode to flip the video, though, which should be a pretty cheap workaround. With 1.6.3 you can now preview the filtered result if preview acceleration is enabled.

SonOfAdam: Device > Capture Settings should allow you to save the frame rate setting. I might make it auto-save in the next version, like some of the other settings. I don't make the audio and video format settings auto-save right now because sometimes that can cause saved settings that make the machine unstable, and thus hard to change back....

sarkwalvein: That does sound like an FFMPEG bug, because VirtualDub hands its window to the video codec, which is supposed to use that as the parent for the dialog and thus automatically disable the video compression window. As for the "create paletted AVI," it's mostly a testing tool, as 8-bit paletted AVIs are hard to come by these days. Most of the options in the Tools menu are diagnostic tools. It does look like the code is forcing the MPEG driver by mistake -- oops.

Luke: Mind sending me a screenshot by email? I'd like to take a look. My email address is on the "contact info" page linked on the left.

Phaeron - 13 01 05 - 02:19

Can I save in capture mode broadcast video which is going in our network with VirtualDub?

Hovnatan - 13 01 05 - 02:53

Hi, first I want to say that this is a great program. Part one of my wish list is now reality: Capture audio from another device than the video capture device.
There are still three other things I'd like to have in VirtualDub:
- Convert from UYVY or YUY2 to RGB on the fly to be able to use the filters
- Script enhancements to capture videos
- Documentation for the script language
BTW: What do you think about import filters and multiple audio streams?

mjs - 13 01 05 - 17:41

No, sorry.

VirtualDub has been able to apply RGB filters to UYVY and YUY2 sources during capture for some time. In 1.6.2+ it uses the new pixmap library, so it will handle most other YUV formats as well. I just tried YUY2 and I420 and they worked, although YVU9 didn't work for some reason. Capture scripting I already noted above, and the script language is documented -- click the documentation link on the left. There are a lot of issues with import filters and I'm not sure if/when I'll get around to them (I still haven't done the audio filter SDK yet). Multiple audio streams are supported in the AVI parsing layer but not in the engine, so I'll need to do some work before you can select multiple sources. Being able to write multiple audio sources is probably not coming anytime soon.

Phaeron - 14 01 05 - 01:06

So the internal program code is able to use non-RGB filtering but it is not implemented in the GUI yet, correct? The selection of multiple audio sources isn't very important yet. About the script help: What I meant was: It isn't available in the current VirtualDub help.

mjs - 14 01 05 - 17:16

About the 64-bit capture mode I havent tried this myself, but if you have a bt878/848 card take a look at this:


Jezreel - 14 01 05 - 21:13

Have you at last correct the bug that behaves like this:
If first filter in the chain is motion blur and second is levels, then motion blur doesn't work, and output doesn't have Motion blur on it.

morsa - 15 01 05 - 00:05

"Luke: Mind sending me a screenshot by email? I’d like to take a look. My email address is on the “contact info” page linked on the left."

Phaeron - 13 01 05 - 02:19

Just to update the comment I previously posted regarding the problem with the ATI Rage Theatre capture device mode,it is now working fine.
When I first tried it,like I said,I was having problems with blocky horizontal lines,but now it seems to have fixed itself.Whether I had certain settings configured wrong or maybe problems with my operating system,I dont know.
Anyway,I'm glad to report that it isn't a bug.VirtualDub 1.6.3,although experimental,works extremely well on my PC.

Luke - 15 01 05 - 00:44

mjs: No need for a UI change; the "RGB" part refers to the filter chain itself, which always runs in RGB. All required conversions from YCbCr to RGB on entry to that chain are automatic (and have been so for a while).

morsa: I believe you win the award for oldest bug found -- I looked into it and the bug is so old it is older than my Perforce depot. The problem only occurs when the first filter requires the "last frame" facility. Inserting a "null transform" as the first filter will work around the problem. Fortunately it is an easy fix and will be fixed in 1.6.4.

Phaeron - 15 01 05 - 02:06

Just to update you I tried various settings Im using a Leadtek VC100xp BT878 Card on XPSP2 2600+ Sempron 512MB and also using both Huffy and PICvideo codecs and the same result - actually not only is the captur upside down but also back to front - weird indeed!!

Paul H - 15 01 05 - 10:01

Wow, this looks great. When you get the Scheduled programming in, I will be soooooo happy to be rid of that flippin ATI Recorder crap.... it makes me save in MPEG2 if I want it to look good... ugh. USing VDub to save it straight to xvid... YUMMY! Can't wait to see that implemented!

Zanth - 17 01 05 - 17:34

Oh My God, it now opens JPG !!!
Actually, this was The One Most Anticipation of mine.
Since I'm a fotographer, I'm greatly interested in using VDub. No other software can beat it's capabilities, ease of use, comfort and flexibility in cases when you need to perform some very complex or exotix color correction, do a resize with "tricky" interpolation algorithm, and emulate a precizely controlled soft-focus effect with noice-reduction filters... etc, etc... This list is everything but complete.
Nowthat VD do "open-save jpg" all of these dreams come true.

Thank You Very-Very Much from Russia!!!


Jam_One - 18 01 05 - 15:42

We can press Alt + Right Arrow & Alt + Left arrow to skip 50 frames forward or reverse.

Is it possible to modify frames to skip from 50 to 100 or 200 or any value?

summa - 20 01 05 - 04:16

You know, I never liked the random battles :

user - 22 01 05 - 19:43

Two things. A granularity setting for using the mouse wheel to scroll through the video would be nice, to advance through real quick, or crawl real slow. Also it would be nice to offer a few choices when loading and saving processing settings, so that you could choose to have any cuts saved along with the filter settings, or not.

Ryan Andres - 26 01 05 - 03:19

Seems to me that audio decoding on my dv-type1 file is now broken. If I try to directstream both audio and video, the audio will be broken in that file too (I tried to open it with version 1.6.0 and play).
With version 1.6.0 everything worked well with my dv-type1 content. Audio is 16bit, 32 khz. Video seems to decode fine (Mainconcept codec).

Valky - 27 01 05 - 08:55

I have encountered an interesting bug in capture: after about 35 minutes the audio in captured file suddenly switches to insanely fast :) During the capture everything seems normal and the captured video is normal too. The audio just suddenly becomes very fast, like it was speeded up 10x or more.

I can send a clip of this occurring, you can contact me by email.

Antti - 29 01 05 - 06:39

I seem to be having an issues with the multisegment capture in 1.6.3. I left the default setting for 50MB min, 1900 MB max and enabled the multisegment capture and spill drives. I was first using the Huffyuv compression codec and the first four files were correct (~1900MB). Then the next file was somewhere around 6000 MB, then the last file was like 16000 MB. In the 6000 MB file, the audio went out of sync and sounded like the chipmunks (playing too fast), then when the audio played all the way through too fast, there was no audio in the last file. I also tried Picvideo MJPEG codec, and right now the first four files worked, but the fifth file is steadily growing. I haven't check the audio yet because I'm still capping right now.

Any ideas on why the files are not continuing to segment after the fourth one?


Hesse - 30 01 05 - 18:16

Both these issues are the same -- there is an accidental 32-bit time truncation in the DirectShow code that causes the audio resampling filter to go nuts at 35min. There's a running issues list in the forum at:

Phaeron - 01 02 05 - 01:38

I would appreciate if you could help me in this matter. I have an mkv file and i could not burn it on nero since nero does not see subject file.I used virtualdobmod to convert it to avi and i selected direct stream copy . when parsing i get the following warning message:"Could not locate decompressor for format XVID(unknown).virtual dub requires a video for windows (vfw) compatible codec to decompress video.Direct show codecs ,such as those used by windows mediaplayer, are not suitable.Only "direct stream copy" is available for this video. Now I tried to save this file as AVI .Process went on and as a result i got afirst class video output but no audio at all . Please can u tell me what to do to have this problem resolved .Thanks a lot

Georges - 03 02 05 - 03:22

We're using a Sony HDR-FX1 camera and I tried opening one of our m2t files with Virtualdub and I get an error. Any chance there will be support for processing hi-def/HDV (1440x1080i) m2t files? We'd like to use Virtualdub to process the m2t files with deshaker to reduce handheld shaking (even more than the built-in optical stabilization, we shot in a helicopter which had a fair amount of vibration), deinterlace the stabilized hi-def and then scale down to standard-def for final production onto a DVD.
Thanks for your work and for your time.

Tim Hays (link) - 19 05 05 - 21:11

I use an ATI All-in-Wonder 7500 and have tried many different programs for capture,edit,and author to DVD but have never accomplished good quality even using huffy the AVI file has one problem or another if it is'nt visible lines it's degraded video.I have a Pentium(R) P4 2.4 GHz 2 sticks of 256 duel memory and still Virtual dub, Pinnacle Studio 8, Ulead to name a few all have degraded video capturing from my Hitachi 8mm camcorder analog signal. I'm beginning to feel like an idiot because I've looked into what are suppose to be the perfect settings I think I've tried everything having run about 200 tests. I have'nt tried capturing in YCbCr and enabling squish Luma range that could be another dead end. Maybe you could make a simple suggestion only proving I am an idiot but what do I care if it works. Best results so far are Pinnacle Studio 8 using huffy compression for an AVI file then LSX MPEG2 encoder or Cucusoft to MPEG 2 then DVD Santa to author for DVD output.

Lorenzo - 14 09 05 - 11:08

I would love to have this capability in VirtualDub-

You select a range of frames. Copy them. Paste them again just after the end frame of previous selection. The pasted range remains selected. Now you should be able to reverse the order of pasted frames so that when you play the video, it will loop smoothly in back-and-forth manner.

Robert - 29 11 05 - 05:22

I tried using virtualdub to delete the first 1550 frames of a xvid movie. The movie has no audio till this point. But when I save the remaining video clip, I find part of audio also deleted and the resulting movie has audio ahead of video. How can I remove the frames without deleting audio too.

Sufee - 20 09 06 - 04:28

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