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VirtualDub filters

I've decided that I don't have the time or energy to hunt down and maintain a list of all the current video filters available for VirtualDub, so I've appointed Donald Graft as honorary filter website maintainer.  You can find his own filters, and a comprehensive list of other third-party filters, at:

You'll find my own subtitler filter below, if you scroll down.

VirtualDub filters can be loaded manually by clicking on the Load button that appears in the Add Filters dialog box.  They can also be automatically loaded at startup if you copy the .vdf file into a plugins subdirectory under the VirtualDub program directory.  It is possible, although unusual, for filters to conflict with each other, so if you have problems with a particular filter chain you might want to try testing each filter individually to narrow the scope of the problem.

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Description: Applies Sub Station Alpha v2.x/4.x scripts to video.
Supports batch operation: Yes
Updated: (V2.4) Fix for another crash.

Pretty self-explanatory; handles most of the common features in SSA scripts.  It has text antialiasing, so your subtitles look good at small sizes.

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Download from (updated 3/28/04 with missing .rc file)
Description: Sharpens images by warping pixels toward edges.
Supports batch operation: Yes
Updated: (V1.2) Removed dependency on BitBlt function.

Sharpens images through warping rather than convolution.  Most effective on cartoon-style animation.

Note: This filter won't work in Avisynth because it uses the BitBlt() function from VirtualDub -- Donald Graft has a version on his site which will work.