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VirtualDub 1.6.0 released

VirtualDub 1.6.0 is out the door, and besides being the first experimental release in a while, it has a major new feature: it is the first version to have a native 64-bit (AMD64) build. This build is pretty raw, is missing a bunch of features and optimizations, and doesn't do much yet that really shows "the power of 64-bit." (It's even compiled with a prerelease compiler, the DDK compiler. VS2005 beta 1 doesn't have a "go-live" license.) Nevertheless, it is a true AMD64 release, for those of you who must have a native release.

It took me about three days to get this release out the door, once I'd committed to absolutely nothing but showstopper bugs. It took me about two dozen tries to get it right, and each try is about 10 minutes to do a full rebuild (to make sure the final builds are correct and match source). Well, the AMD64 build is broken. Okay, we'll fix that. The crash handler bombs. Fixed that. Now the crash handler doesn't bomb, but it doesn't report DLLs properly. Fixed that. Oops, broke x86. Try again. Seems good... nope, UI is broken returning from capture mode. Fix that, try again... oh, frameserver's busted too. Okay, try AGAIN, one more time... about dialog says 1.5.10. ARRGH. Fix that, check it into Perforce, compile one last time.... Change log has a build number two below actual value.

Screw it, I'm not doing another build to fix that. Ship it.

I have no doubt that I left something stupid in the build, but considering the number of low-level changes in this build, some amount of breakage is to be expected. If you spot regressions, report them to me so I can fix them for 1.6.1. Please don't email me just to complain that your pet feature didn't make it in, though; I had to draw the line at some point.

I was typing a long, thorough explanation in Pivot for this part explaining all of the new features in VirtualDub 1.6.0, but I'm very angry because Internet Explorer ate it. I'll retype it later.


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