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VirtualDub 1.7.7 released

New stable version is out: 1.7.7. No new features, just some bug fixes. Enjoy.

Build 28312 (1.7.7, stable): [December 9, 2007]
   [bugs fixed]
   * Improved accuracy of "set so audio and video durations match" for short
   * Fixed vertical chroma positioning errors when converting to 4:2:0 or 4:1:0
   * PluginSDK: Direct stream copy from a plugin audio stream caused
     dwStreamSize in the AVI to be set incorrectly.
   * PluginSDK: Fixed crash when using plugin to load a file with an audio
     stream that isn't AVI compatible.
   * Capture: When "wait for OK" was enabled with a DirectShow driver, time
     spent in the dialog was counted against a time stop condition.
   * Capture: Fixed crash when an error occurs while starting capture with a
     custom hotkey. 
[regressions fixed] * "Save segmented AVI" no longer crashes when only video is enabled. * Prohibit zero for frame rate adjustment. * Filters: The error return from runProc is ignored again for compatibility with earlier versions of VirtualDub; this fixes some video filters that broke in the 1.7.x series. * D3D: Fixed a display change related crash.


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