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VirtualDub 1.8.3 Released

1.8.3 is out, and fixes a horrendously stupid regression in 1.8.2 where VirtualDub's main window wouldn't display if you didn't already have saved window position data in the Registry. If anyone's still seeing issues in 1.8.3 like this, please let me know.

On the other hand, I already received an email from a software site saying that VirtualDub 1.8.2 has been added to the database and awarded 5 stars....

I have to apologize for the quality of the last couple of releases. To be honest, I haven't found a good solution to the testing problem. Having only one release line didn't work, because I couldn't push experimental changes out without breaking the mainline. Splitting development into two release lines still didn't really fix the problem because most people didn't try the experimental version and so I still ended up with showstopper bugs in the stable line. Lately I've been pushing out test releases at a much faster rate to the forum; that's helped a lot with specific issues since I can get bug fixes to people and have them verify it in much less time, but it's generally still the case that the first stable release end up with a few major bugs that didn't get caught in the pre-testing. In this case, it happened because I and everyone who had been trying those test releases already had the position data in the Registry because we'd been running incremental releases up to the final, and because the few tests that currently exist in the release script are scripted and don't notice issues in the UI. I'd like to beef up the automated testing, but that's going slowly since it's about as major as developing the program itself. Sigh.

If you have some time and tend to track VirtualDub releases, please swing over to the Testing section of the forums, and try the latest test releases there from time to time. I can't implement features very quickly -- particularly right now -- but if you spot new bugs, I can usually fix those on a time scale of days to weeks instead of months as it would be for a full release. I really apprecate this kind of feedback as it helps avoid releasing a dog like I did today.


This blog was originally open for comments when this entry was first posted, but was later closed and then removed due to spam and after a migration away from the original blog software. Unfortunately, it would have been a lot of work to reformat the comments to republish them. The author thanks everyone who posted comments and added to the discussion.