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VirtualDub 1.9.5 released

VirtualDub 1.9.5 is now out. This release is also tagged "stable" and contains only bug fixes.

Previously, a commenter asked about what changes were new to the 1.9.x series. Here's a list:

Change list for 1.9.5:

Build 32593 (1.9.5, stable): [August 22, 2009]

bugs fixed

    UI: Panes didn't always auto-refresh immediately after choosing some menu items.

    UI: Fixed output pane changing aspect ratio when window is minimized.

    Fixed blank dialog system icon in cropping dialog.

    Render: Importing an MP3 audio stream with a partial final audio frame could result in a silent error at the end of a save/export.

    Capture: Added missing "No drivers found" item to audio menu if no capture device is connected at startup.

    Filters: The filter system now initially tries converting NV12 to YV12 before trying YV24.

    JobControl: Fixed repeated flushing of job file in non-distributed mode.

    Fixed crash when creating animated GIF from 8-bit video.

    Reversed order of UV planes for YV16 and YV24 formats to match YV12. (Note: This does not affect filters.)

regressions fixed

Output panes don't update during scene stepping again (broken in 1.9.4).

Input preview forces on the input pane again (broken in 1.9.1).


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