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Altirra 1.7 released

Things have eased up and I've gotten a little bit more time lately for hobbies, so it's time to start flushing out the release backlog. We'll start with Altirra, since it's the easier one to release and I'm feeling lazy today.

The new release is version 1.7. New features include flash cartridge and IDE emulation, portable mode, fast boot, video recording, hard disk burst I/O, and secondary monitor display acceleration. Bug fixes include debugger stability improvements, CPU undocumented instruction fixes, and improved compatibility for the built-in HLE kernel. Since it's been about four months since the last release, this version has gotten extra testing, and special thanks to Mclane and Breaker for continually testing new releases (and contributing to the epic comment thread on the last post).

It's safe to say that I never thought I'd get this far, and now that I know how much is involved, I'm not likely to try writing another emulator. Well, unless I get another nostalgia kick, and truth be told, the Heathkit H-89 and TRS-80 Model 4 are not nearly as interesting machines. The Apple II doesn't have much in the way of interesting hardware. The C64 never interested me as much, and I hated that butt-slow 1541 disk drive with a passion. (No, I didn't have the Epyx fast load cartridge. Yes, I was bitter.) There's the TI-99/4A, but the only good game I had was Parsec, and TI BASIC made the 1541 look fast. Oh, there's the Amiga....



No, I'd better not.

Anyway, if you're an Atari 8-bit fan, please enjoy the new version.


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