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The "error" in f_convolute.cpp

Okay, Mr. Karpov decided to use VirtualDub again as an example of a detected code defect in his article, and while I respect him and his software, I resent the implication that I don't understand how C/C++ arrays work and that he included this example again without noting that the code actually works. I'd like to clarify this here.

This is the structure and reference in question:

struct ConvoluteFilterData {
    long m[9];
    long bias;
    void *dyna_func;
    uint32 dyna_size;
    uint32 dyna_old_protect;
    bool fClip;

long rt0=cfd->m[9], gt0=cfd->m[9], bt0=cfd->m[9];

This code is from the general convolution filter, which is one of the oldest filters in VirtualDub. It computes a new image based on the application of a 3x3 grid of coefficients and a bias value. What this code is doing is initializing the color accumulators for the windowing operation with the bias value. The structure in question here is special in that it has a fixed layout that is referenced by many pieces of code, some written in assembly language and some dynamically generated (JITted) code, and so it is known -- and required -- that the element after the coefficient array (m) is the bias value. As such, this code works as intended, and if someone were to correct the array index to 8 thinking it was an off-by-one error, it would break the code.

That leaves the question of why I over-indexed the array. It's been so long that I don't remember why I did this. It was likely either a result of rewriting the asm routine back into C/C++ -- back from when I used to prototype directly in asm -- or from refactoring the structure to replace a 10-long array with a 9-long coefficient array and a named bias field. Indexing the tenth element is likely a violation of the C/C++ standard and there's no reason the code couldn't reference the bias field, which is the correct fix. Problem is, the code works as written: the field is guaranteed to be at the correct address and the most likely source of breakage would be the compiler doing aggressive load/store optimizations on individual structure fields. As it happens, the store and load are very far apart -- the struct is initialized in the filter start phase and read much later in the per-frame filter loop -- and the Visual C++ compiler that I use does not do anything of the sort here, so the generated code works.

The situation at this point is that we're looking at a common issue with acting on static analysis reports, which is making a change to fix a theoretical bug at the risk of introducing a real bug in the process. Any changes to a code base have risk, as the poor guy who added a comment with a backslash at the end knows. As it turns out, this code usually only executes on the image border, so any failures in the field would have been harder to detect, and I couldn't really justify fixing this on the stable branch. I will admit that I have less of an excuse for not fixing it on the dev branch, but honestly that's the least of the problems with that code.

Anyway, that's the history behind the code in f_convolute.cpp, and if you're working with VirtualDub source code, don't change the 9 to an 8.


This blog was originally open for comments when this entry was first posted, but was later closed and then removed due to spam and after a migration away from the original blog software. Unfortunately, it would have been a lot of work to reformat the comments to republish them. The author thanks everyone who posted comments and added to the discussion.